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The Most Liked Celebrity Bathrooms on Instagram

Influencers have often showcased their homes and renovation projects on Instagram, even creating dedicated accounts to unveil their interiors. But now celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon – giving us a unique look into their amazing homes and, in particular, their bathrooms. Many of these celebrity bathrooms look like they from an incredible 5-star hotel, that we can all take some inspiration from. So, to help with your bathroom revamp, we’ve looked at famous UK celebrities who showcase their home on Instagram with a home interior account, or just on their personal grid. Then, we’ve analysed Instagram data to uncover the most liked celebrity bathrooms on Instagram. And, to give you all the ideas you need, we’ve added our top tips on how to recreate these stunning bathrooms.

1. Stacey Solomon Wows with a Blue Loo, Earning Over 774,500 Likes

Stacey Solomon’s bathroom transformation is the most liked celebrity bathroom analysed on Instagram with more than a whopping 774,500 likes. Solomon has 4.8 million followers on Instagram, meaning she could earn on average £9,250 per post - just for showing her home!

The Loose Women presenter recently moved into her forever home, "Pickle Cottage", with Joe Swash. She admitted her beautiful home needs a little bit of TLC, and the bathroom was the first place she started. Solomon was inspired by the gorgeous traditional toilet and sink that was an original feature of the house. So, if you happen to have traditional bathroom fittings that are as stunning as these, you could save yourself some money and keep them intact. Alternatively, you could buy new in the traditional style and have the added benefit of up-to-date plumbing fittings.

Adding wood panelling across the bottom half of the walls is an affordable and easy way to create a vintage aesthetic. The trick has even went viral on TikTok, simply use strips of wood and glue to the wall using no nail glue. Finish it off with a lick of paint, here Stacey Solomon has opted for an off-white.

2. Olivia and Alex Bowen Create a Stunning Modern Look that Has Surpassed 100,000 Likes

The second most-liked celebrity bathroom transformation on Instagram belongs to @thebowenhome, from ex-love islanders Olivia and Alex Bowen. This amazing bathroom transformation gained an enormous 103,000 likes on Instagram, with their 745 thousand followers, they could have earned a huge £2,151 from this post. They’ve transformed an outdated monochrome bathroom with chessboard style flooring, to a chic relaxing sanctuary.

@thebowenhome have opted for a freestanding bath, alongside a separate wet room which is ideal if you have the space. However, if you happen to have a smaller bathroom you could choose a freestanding bath with a shower rail which would still make a statement whilst saving space.

A wall mounted vanity unit like Olivia and Alex Bowen’s is also a great option to save space. These are great for any size bathroom due to their ample storage and their elevation saving floor space.

You may want to consider lighting on the floor, like this bathroom transformation. Having a variety of lights brightens up the room making it feel bigger, but you can also add mood by just having a proportion of lights on. Oliva and Alex have chosen to add floor lights around the bath, which highlights the bath and emphasises its beautiful shape. Plus, it certainly adds to the spa-like feel.

3. Georgia Kousoulou Revamps from Neutral Beige to Cool Grey, Exceeding 41,000 Likes

TOWIE star, Georgia Kousoulou has transformed this neutral guest bathroom to a bold black and grey space that oozes character. This bathroom has gained more than 41,000 likes on @georgiakhome Instagram, making it the third most-liked celebrity bathroom. Thanks to their 377k followers, they could earn £1,092 on Instagram from sharing this transformation.
Georgia Kousoulou has added on-trend matt black fittings, which certainly make a statement. Adding matt black fittings is an affordable way to easily update a bathroom without the hassle and costs of a complete renovation. If you already have a standard white basin, this will contrast beautifully against a matt black tap.

@georgiakhome has cleverly added a large mirror that covers most of the wall, making the bathroom feel large and open. Not only is it practical but it certainly catches your eye, creating an effortless statement.

4. Charlotte Crosby Gains Over 24,000 Likes with this Zen Sanctuary

This botanical haven from Charlotte Crosby sits proudly at fourth place with over 24,000 likes on Instagram, with her 257,000 Instagram followers she can expect to earn £745 for a post like this. The Geordie Shore star has created a truly inviting space that brings the outdoors in.

Adding houseplants to your bathroom is an inexpensive way to revive a bathroom and give it a boho look. However, if you can’t splurge on new houseplants, you could propagate your existing plants with cuttings, root division or pups. Not every plant likes the bathroom though – stick to hardy plants that like hot and humid conditions such as devil's ivy and snake plants.

Charlotte Crosby has finished off her luxurious bathroom with woven accessories, which is a great way to add texture and dimension to the room. If you want to add a woven rug like Crosby, make sure the mat can withstand humid conditions, or keep the bathroom well ventilated.

5. Grace Beverley Adds a Touch of Luxury, Amassing Over 23,000 Likes

Grace Beverley the fitness entrepreneur and influencer has recently purchased and renovated a London pad, and her home’s interiors are to die for! So much so, that she’s gained 101,000 followers on her home Instagram, potentially earning £301 per post. Grace Beverley’s en-suite makeover is just as gorgeous as the rest of the home, perhaps even more stunning.

The bathroom post has earned over 23,000 likes on Instagram, making it the fifth most liked bathroom. Grace Beverley has opted for a white, neutral bathroom overall with pops of gold hardware to add a touch of luxury. The main part of her bathroom that is getting all the love is her shower area. @chezgrez has used light blue scallop tiles in the shower that create a beautiful and unique feature - mimicking fish scales or even a mermaid’s tail!

The combination of the intricate light-coloured tiles with the gold shower and shower door, match perfectly. They provide a great balance of minimalism and luxury. Brushed brass fittings go with pretty much any colour, so if you want to recreate this at home, don’t feel you have to be constrained – try light pink, navy, white or even black.

6. Lydia Millen Achieves More than 21,000 Likes with a Country Chic Bathroom

Influencer Lydia Millen has a stunning country home that she documents to her 320k followers on Instagram, giving her the chance to make £928 per post. She recently showcased her bathroom renovation on Instagram, garnering more than 21 thousand likes - sitting proudly at 6th place in the top celebrity bathroom transformations.
So, what has Lydia Millen done to refresh her bathroom? The ensuite has had a complete overhaul, from a totally modern space to rustic country style. It appears not one thing has stayed the same. Whilst seemingly nothing was wrong with her old bathroom, it’s a good tale of creating a space that is more in line with your own flair.

The sage colour scheme compliments the rustic wood elements and the bronze bath flawlessly. Sage green is a great colour for the bathroom, not only does it match the country style perfectly, it adds tranquillity, too. If you’re looking to create a rustic bathroom, make sure to add wooden features, such as a stool, shelving, cabinets, or wood panelling. These natural materials have the added benefit of being an inexpensive addition to revive a bathroom. You could even consider reclaimed wood and antiques, or buy pre-owned goods at online marketplaces for a sustainable bargain.

7. Jacqueline Jossa Earns Over 19,000 Likes with Modern Minimalist Interiors

The former EastEnders star and I’m a Celeb winner, Jacqueline Jossa, has unveiled her lavish bathroom on her home Instagram account, @homewiththeosbornes, which has 537k followers and the potential to gain £1,552 for one post. Jacqueline Jossa’s bathroom is the 7th most liked celebrity bathroom, earning over 19,000 likes.

The design features sleek white fixtures that faultlessly balance the grey interior. Cleverly, Jacqueline Jossa has added a recessed shelf in the wall, which saves space by not protruding out of the wall. Recessed shelves are ideal for small rooms and bathrooms to store toiletries, plus they look chic! You could even make the shelves a feature of the room, like Jossa, with a different coloured tile inside, such as black and using surrounding lights to showcase the space.

8. Rochelle Humes Triumphs with Sleek Monochrome, Gaining Over 18,000 Likes

The 8th most liked celebrity bathroom transformation with more than 18,000 likes is Rochelle Humes’s incredible bathroom. The singer and TV presenter debuted her monochrome space on her home Instagram account @homehumes, which could earn her £595 for every post.

Monochrome is an ideal colour scheme for a bathroom as the theme never goes out of style. Although, don’t think it’s boring – it is anything but. Humes has added black palm tree printed wallpaper to one wall, which is a great way to add pattern and fun to a black and white space.

The main feature of the room is the huge bath with black bath panels which provides a great balance between modern and traditional. Keeping with the monochrome theme is an abstract print of a naked woman next to the bath. We love displaying artwork in the bathroom to add character, they’re great for reviving a bathroom on a budget too.

9. Inthefrow Exceeds 17,000 Likes with a Modern Vintage Transformation

Influencer Victoria Magrath, also known as @inthefrow has unveiled her gorgeous bathroom on her home Instagram account, @frowhome, surpassing 17,000 likes. With her 135,000 Instagram following, she could have made £395 for this post.

The 9th most liked celebrity bathroom is an extravagant space with bold colours and prints, paired beautifully with traditional features. This sanctuary is the perfect example of how to do modern vintage well. Thankfully, this interior style is easy to recreate at home. You can go bold like @inthefrow with vivid colours and printed wallpaper, or pair it back with neutrals and shabby chic details.

Modern vintage can be an affordable way to give your bathroom an uplift too. You could keep a minimalist white bathroom, and simply add vintage bathroom accessories, such as a vintage storage unit, vintage mirror, or framed vintage prints.

10. Kady Mcdermott Creates a Stunning Downstairs Bathroom, Gaining Over 12,000 Likes

Love Island star, Kady McDermott, has been renovating her home and showcasing the project to her 187k followers on @mcdermottsmanor, potentially earning her £542 for each post. The star has shared the finished look for her downstairs bathroom, which has received more than 12,000 likes on Instagram. This makes this well-loved space the 10th most liked celebrity bathroom.

McDermott has opted for a monochrome bathroom that oozes class and style. The floor has a gorgeous pattern tile which brings the whole bathroom to life. If you wanted to update your bathroom floor easily and inexpensively, why not try patterned vinyl flooring? It’s simple to install and costs a fraction of the amount for tiling.

Another way to save money on tiles is to opt for white, like Kady McDermott has chosen here. White is a popular tile colour so many retailers stock it, meaning you can easily shop around to find the best deal.

We hope this post has given you some interior inspiration to create your own bathroom transformation, or even just to give the space a little uplift. If you’re looking for more ideas, why not check out our bathroom ideas for 2023?

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