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Most Cheugy Interior Items

Gen Z Reveal the Most Cheugy Interior Items

The latest buzzword amongst gen z is “cheugy”, but what exactly does it mean? Essentially, the word means “basic”. It’s often used as a diss for millennial fashion, however, now interior styles of that age group are under scrutiny. 

So, to find out which homewares are “cheugy”, we scoured gen z’s favourite social media playground, TikTok, and uncovered what gen z thinks of your home style. 

Can You Guess the Cheugy Items?

Cheugy Interior Items

So, before we unwrap the most cheugy items, can you guess the cheugy interiors in the picture above? Scroll down to reveal the answers.

Cheugy Interior Items 2

The 10 Most Cheugy Interior Items Revealed

1. Grey Paint

2. Decorations with Phrases 

3. Macramé

4. Tribal Print

5. Chevron Pattern

6. Marble Décor

7. Pampas Grass

8. Geometric Print Walls

So, did you spot these cheugy items in the picture? Not only have these styles been identified as basic, we’ve uncovered a further two cheugy interiors: 

9. Mirrored Furniture

10. Farmhouse

Read on to discover how to swap these cheugy items in your home.


1. Swap Overdone Grey for Greige

For decades, grey has been hugely popular and the colour choice for interior paint. Well, what’s not to like about grey? It’s a neutral tone that goes with almost any colour and style. But, gen z have a different idea, with users on TikTok dubbing the colour “cheugy”. 

However, grey isn’t totally out of the question. Instead of going for very cool-toned, flat greys that have had their time, try soft warmer greys. 

Or, swap to greige. With everyone spending so much time at home, it appears we’re looking for warmer, cosier type colours. Greige is as the name suggests, grey + beige. It’s the perfect balance of being neutral whilst being on the warmer side. 

However, on the other end of the spectrum, there’s charcoal which doesn’t say basic or cheugy like lighter greys, but still a good choice for fans of the colour grey. 


2. It’s Not Gin o’clock According to Gen Z, Try This Trend Instead…

Phrase signs such as, ‘home sweet home’, ‘live laugh love’, and ‘gin o’clock’ have all been deemed cheugy. 

However, not all is amiss. If you have these signs in your home and are looking for a swap, why not try art prints? Websites such as Etsy, Desenio, and iamfy have a plethora of fun and interesting wall art. You can easily decorate your walls with the same joyful connotations that phrase signs have but in an updated look. 


3. Upgrade Macramé to Interesting Embroidery 

Macramé is a popular décor item that can be found adorning plenty of furnishings, from cushions, walls, plant hangers, and even light shades. However, according to gen z this interior item has officially had its moment!

We can certainly appreciate the art and hard work of macramé, but if you wanted an alternative, why not opt for other handmade items for that bespoke feel? You could try embroidered items or go for woven tapestry wall hangings. 


4. Change Up Cheugy Tribal for Abstract Prints

Tribal often means various patterns from different tribes across the world, which can be problematic as indigenous tribes can’t simply be grouped together under one umbrella term of ‘tribal’. Perhaps the controversy behind this print is why gen z are calling the style cheugy. 

You can still embrace a boho look without the “tribal” print. We are currently loving art styles with block, abstract, prints that have a boho feel. 


5. Switch Out Chevron for Herringbone

The chevron consists of zig-zag patterns of two colours. This pattern has proven to be hugely popular with chevron dominating interiors for quite some time - much to gen z’s disappointment. With that in mind, the pattern is being hailed as tired, according to TikToker’s. 

But, if you’re not ready to give up the chevron pattern just yet, why not try herringbone? The pattern is similar with zigzags, so will certainly add an effortless bold look. But, thanks to its ornate details, it is a lot more timeless. 


6. Out with Neutral Marble and In with Coloured

Does marble ever go out of style? Many choose marble for its classic design that matches well with most colour schemes. While the use of it is certainly not new, it has gained popularity in recent years. Despite its popularity, the material is being dubbed as basic. 

If you want to avoid a cheugy home, but still want to keep within the marble style - mix it up with coloured marble. Alternatively, opt for a marble with interesting veins that hasn’t been overdone. 


7. Go for Beautiful Hare’s Tail Dried Grass Instead of Pampas

Instagram homes are flooded with pampas grass, well, what’s not to love? Its neutral colour will go with any home style, not to mention it’s evergreen – perfect for novice plant lovers. Still, the younger generation are in fact deeming this Instagram staple as cheugy! 

However, this could be a good thing. Pampas is an invasive plant in some parts of the world, so the growing of it could push out other plants and vegetation. Thankfully, there’s plenty of other alternative decorative grasses that aren’t cheugy or bad for the environment. Try miscanthus, golden oats, or hare’s tail dried grass. 

8. Refresh Geometric Print Walls with Wood Panelling

The 8th most cheugy interior item is geometric print walls. Geometric walls are a popular trend for DIYers as the wall art can be created easily with masking tape and paint. But, the popularity of this wall art has proved to be part of its demise, according to those on TikTok. 

Still want an accent wall but don’t want to be deemed as cheugy? An inexpensive way to add character and dimension to a room is by creating a wood panelled wall. Simply use strips of MDF or wood and drill onto the wall in whichever pattern you desire. Use wood filler to cover the drill holes, then paint over and voila! 


9. Use Mirrors as Décor Rather than Furniture 

Mirrored furniture was a popular furniture staple in the 1980s, the trend has had a revival in the last few years. The trend fits a very glam aesthetic, which may be a bit over the top for the younger generation with them naming the furniture outdated. 

So, if you want to impress gen z and not fall into the trap of being cheugy, use mirrors as decorative pieces rather than furniture. 


10. Try Cottagecore in place of Cheugy Farmhouse

The 10th most cheugy interior style is farmhouse décor. This interior style uses rustic wood elements with soft neutral colours and often whitewashed wood. If you have this interior trend in your home and don’t want to feel the wrath of TikTokers, an easy way to update the look is by going for farmhouse styles in honey hues.  

Alternatively, swap to country chic interior styles. Rather than the distressed look, country chic is a much cleaner and updated farmhouse style. Think crisp white fabric, matched with colourful patterns.

Or, go for cottagecore, a feminine and whimsical take on farmhouse. To achieve a cottagecore style, go for muted and mellow colours. The style is focused on the great outdoors, so bring in greenery and flowers to your home. Finally, purchase vintage and reclaimed furniture for a cottagecore look. 

Dom-Lees Bell, interior expert at Tap Warehouse says that, “you may be surprised to uncover that seemingly on-trend interiors are in fact cheugy in the eyes of gen z. However, ultimately gen z style is about not trying too hard and having fun with your decor. Less about having a faultless Instagram ready home. And, the most important aspect of all: decorating with your own sense of style.” 


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