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2023 Kitchen Trends Report

By analysing search and sales data from our site alongside Pinterest Trends, we've been able to uncover the top colours and trends for the kitchen in 2023.

We uncovered rising UK Pinterest searches to reveal which kitchen colours will be trending in 2023. These are the results: 

1. Emerald green - 82%

2. Lilac - 50% 

3. Neutral - 29%

4. Sage - 15%

5. Indigo - 14%

6. Marble - 12%

7. Pink - 7%

8. Beige - 5%

Dazzle with an Emerald Green Kitchen 

The biggest emerging colour trend for the kitchen appears to be emerald green, with a huge 82% growth in Pinterest searches. 

Whether you add emerald green to the cabinets, walls, tiles or accessories, it looks fabulous on all. ‘Pair emerald green in the kitchen with other hues of green for a sleek monochrome look. Or couple the rich colour against marble and white. Whichever colour you go for, emerald green looks best with gold or brass fixtures,’ says Polly Shearer, our kitchen expert. 

Create a Soft and Stress-Free Space with a Lilac Kitchen 

A lilac kitchen could be the next hottest trend in 2023 with the colour amassing a 50% rise in interest. 

Is lilac a good colour for the kitchen? Our interior expert thinks so. ‘Lilac is a soothing colour so it will create a stress-free space, perfect for when you’re cooking dinner for all of the family. The colour goes surprisingly well with many other shades such as blue, white and grey.’

Timeless Neutral Kitchens are the Third Biggest Colour Trend

Searches for neutral kitchens have increased by 29% making this sleek colour the third top trend.

If you want a kitchen that will never go out of style, then a neutral colour choice is the perfect option. ‘Neutral goes with any colour and is a great blank canvas for adding pops of colour through accessories that can be easily changed throughout the years,’ says Polly. 

Top 5 Emerging Kitchen Trends for 2023

We analysed our internal website search data to uncover the hottest kitchen trends for 2023. These are the results: 

  1. Family Kitchens - 850% 
  2. Smart Tech Taps - 400%
  3. Traditional Kitchens - 200%
  4. Light Kitchens - 160%
  5. Stainless Steel Kitchens - 100%

1. Focus on Family with Practical and Liveable Kitchens 

Family-focused kitchens are set to be the biggest trend in 2023. Our data has revealed that interest in double sinks and large sinks has increased by a huge 850%

Family kitchens have ample dining and living space with a focus on function. ‘Creating a practical and liveable kitchen means parents have enough space to prepare meals whilst being sociable with the family.

‘Consider adding a kitchen island with enough space for a tap, sink and a hob to make it a more sociable space,’ adds the interior expert at Tap Warehouse. 

2. Opt for Smart Tech Taps to Make Life Easier 

Searches for both water filter taps and boiling taps have increased by 400% respectively.

Polly Shearer adds: ‘Increased searches for these types of taps indicate that Brits are embracing smart tech in the kitchen. Boiling water taps are a great time-saving addition to the kitchen, as who wouldn’t want a cup of tea in an instant?!’ 

However, there might be other reasons filter taps are on the rise. Given that the Environment Agency has said to ‘be less squeamish about drinking sewage water,’ it may come as no surprise that Brits are looking to filter their tap water with a tap.

3. Go Traditional for the Top Third Kitchen Trend 

Our data has revealed that searches for traditional kitchen-related terms have grown 200%. The most popular traditional kitchen item appears to be an antique copper traditional kitchen tap, with sales increasing by 1,200%

Our interior expert says, ‘Traditional kitchens never go out of style, but in 2023 they could be trending like never before. 

‘Many colours work with a traditional kitchen, especially the top colours for 2023 - emerald green and sage.’ 

4. Bring in the Light Kitchens

2023 is the year for bringing in the light in your kitchen and making the space feel brighter. 

Internal searches for cream and white kitchen taps have increased by 160%, whilst Google Trends data reveals that interest in light kitchens has grown by 5%

To maximise the light in your kitchen, Polly says ‘reflective surfaces such as mirrors, countertops and cabinets with a sheen will reflect light and make the space feel brighter. 

‘Under cabinet lighting can be a great way to add more light without overwhelming the room.’ 

5. Embrace Restaurant-Style Stainless Steel Kitchens 

Our internal data shows that stainless steel kitchens are on-trend for 2023, with interest in stainless steel items up by 100%. In addition, data from Google Trends shows searches for stainless steel kitchens have grown by 94%.

Our interior expert says, ‘Whilst stainless steel has always been a popular choice in the kitchen, it has recently taken a backseat in favour of other metallics. 

‘However, in 2023 we can expect to see more kitchens favouring the clean polished look of stainless steel. You can soften this look by introducing rustic wood elements or marble.’

Stainless steel kitchens have an industrial restaurant-like quality, but when used right they are more elevated and full of character. ‘Create a bold look by using stainless steel throughout the entire kitchen, from cabinets to appliances. 

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