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Bath Panel Ideas

Bath panels are essential for adding more support to your bath, and concealing pipework to give a smart, streamlined finish. However, there’s more to a bath panel than just the functionality. This guide outlines some ways in which you can personalise your panel with a touch of DIY and creativity, to make it stand out from the crowd.

Can Bath Panels Really Look Nice?

Most definitely! The days of old fashioned faded acrylic panels are over, as now there are hundreds of ways in which you can jazz up your own bath panel. This can be as simple as painting over it with a more stylish colour to match your bathroom design or using tiles to streamline the panel with the rest of the space. Many people also choose to make bath panels entirely themselves with the use of a few upcycled materials and some accurate measurements, so there is plenty of DIY bath panel inspiration out there.

Tiled Bath Panel

If you’re wanting to make your bath panel more modern, the answer could be as simple as using tiles. Some people choose to tile their bath panels with the same pattern as their floor or wall tiles, which enables the bath to blend into the surroundings much more smoothly.

To make a tiled bath panel, it’s recommended that you use a tile backing board as a base to provide a waterproof layer then tile over the top, making sure it’s aligned with the walls. This technique is a great way to streamline your bathroom design and create a feature of your bath panel, instead of using a design that doesn’t match the rest of your bathroom.

Exposed Wood Panels

Having an exposed, unpainted wood bath panel is a great idea if you want to create a more rustic, cosy bathroom aesthetic. Wooden finishes in the bathroom create a sense of rich warmth that you don’t get with other finishes, and can be incorporated through bathroom furniture and accessories. Here at Tap Warehouse, we have an array of dark and light wood bath panel finishes, such as driftwood oak and dark oak, to ensure you have the best choice when choosing a panel design. 

Vertical Batten Panels

For a modern and sleek bathroom design, vertical batten panels, also known as shiplap panelling, can also look flattering on many baths. This style of panelling is characterised by long planks, which offer a nautical aesthetic when painted white, and can look super stylish in minimalist and Scandinavian bathroom designs. This is a great option for L shaped baths as the panels can easily bend around the curve and are more simple to install than larger pieces of wood.

Feature Painted Bath Panel

For a vibrant effect, why not try painting your bath panel in a bright, block colour to make a statement in your bathroom? If your original bath panel doesn’t fit in with your bathroom design, upcycling it is a great alternative to forking out for a new one, and a great way to get creative! White and grey are popular bathroom colours, however pink, blue and green can also be great choices to give your bathroom more character.

It’s easier to paint wooden panels however paint over acrylic panels can be done with specialised paints. For painting over wooden panels, carefully remove the panel from your bath, sand it down and then prime it. Choose your desired colour and paint a few coats on the bath panel, leaving to dry thoroughly before fixing back onto your bath frame. 

Cannage Panels

Cannage weaving is a popular trend that many people have been incorporating into their home over the past few years, and the material has also been making waves in bathrooms too. Cane webbing can be fastened onto wooden bath panels to create a modern, Scandinavian design that is super pleasing to the eye.

To do this at home, you’ll need two or three MDF panels that fit perfectly on your bath, then use a staple gun to fix the cane onto the panels, folding it at the edges. It’s important to wet the cane before use to make it more flexible and give a more seamless finish. All that’s left to do is place the panels back onto your bath frame and ensure it slots back in. Check out an example of DIY cane bath panels below!

Board and Batten Panels

This traditional style of panelling can offer something a little different to your bath panel design, and is very easy to create. The thin battens can elevate a standard bath panel by giving more definition and style to make it into a design feature instead of a plain, flat panel.

This can be done without even removing your original bath panel. Simply join together a few horizontal and vertical battens to make a hollow rectangle shape and stick these onto your bath panel with adhesive. Ensure that you paint your bath panel and the additional battens the same colour, with plenty of coats, to create a seamless finish.

If making your own bath panel isn’t the way you want to go, we have plenty of different bath and end panels available on our website in a range of sizes and finishes. From bright white wooden panels to dark and light wood panels and acrylic options, there is a wealth of choice.

Bath panels aren’t just an essential bathroom item, but can be an opportunity for you to get crafty and inject a touch of your own personality into your bathroom design. For more bathroom inspiration, check out our guide on bathroom tile ideas to help give your bathroom a refresh.

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