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How To Fit A Toilet

Fitting a new toilet is a great way to spruce up your bathroom and the job can be easier than you might think. In this guide we show you how you can remove your old toilet and fit a new one.

Before You Start

This guide focuses on how to fit one of the most common and easiest toilet types to fit: the close coupled toilet. Although the process is relatively similar, installation of wall hung and back to wall toilets will be more complex, so this isn't something we'd recommend tackling yourself unless you are very confident.

Polly Shearer, bathroom expert at Tap Warehouse advises, " Replacing your old toilet with a more efficient, stylish toilet can modernise your bathroom and give it the refresh you need. Fitting a toilet is a DIY job which can be completed in simply a few hours if you are familiar with what you are doing."

We'd recommend having someone nearby to help you when moving your toilet as they can be heavy.

You Will Need

How To Remove A Toilet

Before you install your new toilet, chances are you'll need to take out the old one. 

1. Turn Off The Water At The Mains

Before you try and take your toilet out it's important to turn the water off at the mains. 

2. Flush The Toilet To Empty The Cistern

Flushing the toilet will help remove as much water as possible from the cistern. As the water supply has been cut off, you eventually won't be able to continue flushing. 


3. Remove The Cistern

Disconnect the water line into your cistern then unscrew the wing nuts underneath which hold it in place. If your cistern is attached to the wall you will also need to unscrew it from here. Before you pick up your cistern, use a sponge or an old rag to remove any excess water from the bottom. Once you've done this you can lift it off the toilet pan and leave it out of the way. 

4. Unscrew The Toilet Pan

Next you'll need to remove the caps covering the fixing screws that hold your toilet pan to the floor. Once you've removed these, loosen the fixing screws which should allow you to lift up your toilet.

5. Remove The Toilet Pan

To completely remove the toilet you may need to cut through the silicone holding it to the floor. Once you've done this, lift up the toilet whilst tilting it towards the waste pipe which will make sure anything left at the bottom will drain away. You can now disconnect the toilet from the waste pipe and remove it.

6. Tape Over The Waste Pipe

Unless you are going to install your new toilet right away, we recommend taping over the waste pipe. This will stop any nasty smells from the sewage system coming up into your bathroom.

Fitting Your Toilet

Now you've taken your old toilet out it's time to install the new one. Before fitting your new toilet it's always a good idea to give the area where your old toilet sat a good clean.

This guide will show you how to fit a standard close coupled toilet.

1. Assemble Your Toilet

Using your manufacturers instructions, assemble the flush mechanism that came with your toilet. You will then need to fit the cistern to the toilet pan. First, fit the close couple washer to the top of the pan. You can then lift your cistern onto the pan, fitting the flush mechanism into the washer and placing the bolts through the holes in the pan.

Once everything is correctly positioned, you can fasten the bolts with the supplied nuts from underneath the pan.

2. Fit The Waste Pipe

Connect the pan to the waste pipe using a pan connector. For easy installation, we recommend using a flexible waste connector.


3. Position Your Toilet 

With the pan connected to the waste pipe, move your toilet into position. Check the pan and cistern are level using a spirit level.

4. Mark Holes For Drilling

With your toilet in position and level, use a pencil to mark the holes in the toilet pan on the floor ready for drilling. If your toilet cistern can be fixed to the wall, you should also mark and drill holes for this. 

5. Drill Holes

After checking for cables and pipes, move the toilet to the side and use an appropriate bit to drill the holes into the floor & wall if required.

6. Fix The Toilet In Place

Move the toilet back to line up with the holes you've drilled. Using a fixing kit and your manufacturer's instructions, fix your toilet to the floor.

7. Connect The Water

Add some PTFE tape to the cold water supply to help form a water tight seal. Then attach the cold water supply to the water inlet on your cistern. 


8. Turn On Your Water Supply

Turn on your water supply to the cistern and check for any leaks at the joints. If you haven't already done so, assemble the flush mechanism and fit the lid.

9. Seal Around The Base

If you are happy that your toilet is correctly positioned and everything is working, seal around the base of the toilet using silicone. 


10. Fit The Toilet Seat

Lastly you'll need to fit your toilet seat. Take a look at our step by step guide to fit whichever seat you've chosen.

Now you know how to install a toilet, it's time to choose your own from our extensive selection.

This guide is intended as a reference only, we always recommend hiring a trained professional to complete any installations. Tap Warehouse cannot accept responsibility for any personal injuries, damage to your home, products, or subsequent invalidation of any warranties if you attempt the job yourself.

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