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Why a Belfast Sink is the Best Choice for Your Kitchen

Belfast butler kitchen sinks are the Shire Horses of the home: strong, broad, and gorgeously British. A workhorse for the home you could say. And the envy of every butler from here to the Royal Kitchens. Hence its other name the “Butler Sink”.


No butler? No problem. It’s the Belfast butler sink that does the real work...

When is a Belfast Butler Sink the Best Choice?

Always. Do you know what a slab of fireclay ceramic fired in a kiln at thousands of degrees does to a sink?

It makes it:

Fire and heat resistant (obviously)
Impact resistant
Chip resistant
Crack resistant
Stain resistant
Child resistant
Adult resistant

So unless you’re hand-washing grenades, feel free to put this sink to some hard use.

Single or Double Bowl?

A single bowl belfast butler sink is perfect for smaller kitchens and cloakrooms and beloved by space-savvy designers. That’s not to say you can’t just get a huge sink (which a Belfast is best at), but if you have the space consider the 1.5 bowl.

A 1.5 bowled belfast butler sink might not sound useful - but the popular opinion is to go for 1.5 if you have the space. The extra half-sink allows you to do everything  from washing plates without hogging the sink,  giving you a smaller space to clean when pouring away liquids, to keeping dirty cutlery without immediately dirtying your countertops or basin. Of course, a double offers even more convenience.

A double bowl belfast butler sink is the saviour of the family home, blessing all with ample space and an always clean kitchen sink - even if the other one is full of dirty dishes or water. It hardly makes sense to do everything in the one kitchen sink if you have the room for a double; and don’t worry, you can get them pretty cheap too.

What’s the Best Value Belfast Butler Sink?

Butler & Rose Ceramic Fireclay Large Belfast Kitchen Sink with Waste - 595 x 475mm

Add timeless traditional charm to your home with this simply stunning large butler sink from Butler & Rose.

One of our bestsellers here at Tap Warehouse, this ceramic fireclay sink is heavy-duty, easy to clean and protected by a comprehensive 10 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Rest easy knowing that this sleek sink is non-porous and naturally dirt repelling thanks to that stunning yet durable while glaze, alongside the fact that it's super durable and totally impervious to knocks. 

What's not to love about an impact resistant sink that adds a touch of countryside style into your kitchen?

As this beauty is made from traditional fireclay ceramic, this clay is heated and cured at upwards of 1800°F and if that doesn't instil confidence in you, we simply don't know what will!

What’s the Most Affordable Belfast Butler Sink?

Reginox Contemporary Ceramic Belfast Kitchen Sink & Waste

Simple yet elegant; a combination that is often difficult to achieve. Not in the case of the Reginox Contemporary White Ceramic Belfast Kitchen Sink though.

It’s unique combination of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design will suit just about any kitchen.

For such a steal of a price, this contemporary Reginox piece boasts a deep basin for washing those difficult larger pans and dishes, an in-built ceramic overflow drain, and a rather comforting 10 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Not to mention the fact that this gorgeous sink is crafted from high quality fireclay ceramic, much alike the Butler & Rose sink above, and is highly resistant to heat, stains, and any pesky scratches too!

What’s the Most Popular Belfast Butler Sink?

Butler & Rose Ceramic Fireclay Double Belfast Kitchen Sink & Waste - 800 x 500mm

Add timeless country-kitchen charm to your home with this stunning fireclay Belfast sink.

2 generous-sized bowls offer plenty of practicality and are deep enough to fit even the largest of your pots and pans under the tap.

Impervious to knocks and naturally impact-resistant, this stunning Belfast sink includes two basket strainer wastes, is an absolute breeze to clean, and promises to stand the test of time thanks to an incredibly sturdy ceramic construction.

Rest easy knowing that you've got your hands on a reliable sink thanks to that rather comforting 10 year manufacturer's guarantee - what a reassurance!

We've shown you a few of our favourites today, but if you're feeling really adventurous, you can take a look at our full range of wonderful Belfast sinks via the button below. Happy hunting!


A Final Word...

We hope you found this guide useful, and if you have any feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Although we offer some of the best rated Belfast butler kitchen sinks, we also offer an extensive range of kitchen taps and home kitchen accessories that we hope may tickle your fancy.

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