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The Best Cheap Kitchen Sinks

Struggling to find the perfect washing-up station to complement your dream kitchen? We're here to help. 

There are a wide range of factors that can drive up the cost of a new kitchen sink - the materials that go into the build can prove quite costly, not to mention the size and design you are looking to achieve. Also, bear in mind that sometimes you will find yourself paying extra for the brand itself.  By the end of this article, you should have a pretty good idea of which kitchen sink to buy without breaking your budget.

Kitchens on a Budget

 A kitchen sink is an investment, and should be thought about carefully before buying.  When it comes to home improvements, you'll want a sink that will last and withstand various wear & tear from cooking and cleaning; our product selection offers everything from modern, minimalist sinks to traditional timeless options.

The Best Cheap Kitchen Sinks

Here is a breakdown of our favourite bestselling sinks, along with some pros and cons for common sink materials.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Perhaps you’re looking to get a sink that requires little maintenance but blends in with the curvatures of the room. Consider installing a stainless steel round sink - not only will it go with any worktop style, but the rounded edges also make cleaning it a breeze.

Stainless steel is generally cheaper than other sink materials. If you don't go large scale, let’s say, you opt for a small stainless sink, then you save even more.

The main disadvantage of stainless steel sinks are that they can be more prone to scratching. Over time each additional scratch can ruin the sparkle in your kitchen sink, but worry not, as there are an abundance of protective sprays and cleaners out there to keep it looking fantastic for as long as possible.

Rangemaster Glendale 1 Bowl Brushed Stainless Steel Sink

You can’t go wrong with a stainless steel kitchen sink.


  •  Increased productivity in the kitchen. Wash up dishes in the larger bowl and use the large draining space for drying up.
  • The brushed stainless steel finish will give your kitchen that 5-star appeal and effortlessly complement a matching stainless steel kitchen tap.


  • Stainless steel sinks are not immune to scratches. Ensuring your kitchen sink always looks brand new can be tricky, but it's easy to keep it in mint condition if you use the right products. Take a look at our guide to discover how to clean a stainless steel sink.

Rangemaster Atlantic 1 Bowl Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink

Are you looking for a minimalistic kitchen sink unit? Then the Rangemaster Atlantic Bowl is a great option to consider.

The deep single bowl still allows for larger pots to soak while hanging on to the limited kitchen top space.


  • The undermount fitting gives you additional worktop space. Every inch counts when you have a small kitchen to work with.
  • Wiping up any mess on your work area couldn’t be easier - simply wipe those crumbs and clippings straight into the sink without having to worry about bits getting stuck in the edges.


  • The attractive shine of the Rangemaster means that the rest of your kitchen needs to step up their game!

Granite Composite Sinks

The solution to a scratch-free sink is to go with a granite composite kitchen sink option as they tend to be more durable than stainless steel sinks. If any scratches come about, you can simply buff them away using a cleaner and polisher.

These sinks can also withstand extreme temperatures, so are perfect to hold pots and pans that come straight out of the oven. The downside is that they can be a little pricier than similar stainless steel designs, but worth every penny if you're going for a contemporary kitchen with style.

Reginox Harlem 1 Bowl Black Silvery Granite Composite Kitchen Sink & Waste Kit

The increased durability of Granite kitchen sinks combined with their sleek look makes them a stunning centrepiece for any kitchen. The strength of the Reginox Harlem lies in the mix of quartz crystals making it pretty much indestructible.


  • The contemporary black silvery finish and sleek design will suit most spaces.
  • It's made from extremely hard-wearing granite composite.
  • It's heat, stain, scratch, and impact resistant.
  • This sink holds a comforting 10 year manufacturer's guarantee.


  • The denser surface of the granite sink means your plates and glasses are in danger of chipping from those accidental knocks.
  • Your kitchen will be the envy of all your friends...

Ceramic Fireclay Sinks

Talking about maintaining kitchen sinks - ceramic sinks are by far the easiest to maintain. They’re also wonderfully durable and often have so much space inside of the bowl that you could probably wash your car in there.

The drawback of these sinks is the sometimes expensive price tag. However, if period charm and traditional design are what you’re after, choosing a ceramic sink doesn’t have to break the bank.

Fireclay Farmhouse Large Belfast Ceramic Kitchen Sink

If you prefer the characteristics of a farmhouse and country kitchen, this Butler & Rose Fireclay Ceramic Belfast Sink will charm everyone who walks into the room. The way the side of the kitchen sink is showing will make it a dominating feature in the room and add so much period charm.


  • After hours of prepping, cooking and washing dishes, the last thing you want is to be scrubbing your sink. Fortunately, Belfast ceramic sinks are really easy to wipe clean.
  • These ceramic kitchen sinks have size on their side, meaning you can leave even the largest of your cooking pots in them.


  • It’s tough to come up with a flaw with these sinks. Except that you may be tempted to jump in for a bath!

Butler & Rose 450 Gourmet Surface or Undermount Ceramic Kitchen Sink

This gorgeous piece can be fitted either level with the worktop for a traditional look or undermounted for a dash more minimalism. Choosing to undermount style means you won’t need to worry about cleaning any edges and gives the worktop a subtle, understated look.


  • Ceramic sinks really are a breeze to maintain and keep looking good as new with regular cleaning.
  • The unique weir overflow gives you peace of mind that you won’t end up with a flooded kitchen!


  • Unfortunately, the rectangular second sink comes separately.

Butler & Rose 1.5 Bowl Ceramic Kitchen Sink 

The gorgeous Butler & Rose 1.5 Bowl Ceramic Sink is an effortlessly stylish option for busy and well-used kitchens. The fireclay ceramic has a high-quality glaze that will stand the test of time and withstand wear & tear as well as heat.

If you're looking to incorporate a touch of vibrancy into your kitchen, the bright white finish of this sink will add some sparkle.


  • The ceramic’s durable build will not let you down for many years to come.
  • The gorgeous glossy white surface is heat resistant, practically non-stick and immune to scratches.

Which Kitchen Sinks Are The Best?

With this guide you should have a better idea of which kitchen sinks are best for your home.  The sink you decide on is dependent on the look you want to achieve, functionality, space and perhaps most importantly, your budget. Take a look at guide to help you choose the right kitchen tap to match.

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