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Single Control Manual Shower Valves

Manual valves differ from thermostatic valves in that they do not regulate the water temperature for you. With their single lever design however, they are very simple to use and it’s possible for you to control the water flow and temperature to your shower with just the one hand. All of our single lever shower valves have large, easy to use levers. So even when your hands are wet, you can be confident of having full control over what you’re doing.

We have a vast selection of manual shower valves here at Tap Warehouse in both modern and traditional designs, so whatever the décor in your bathroom, there’s something in our collection that will look like it’s been tailor made just for you. You’ll also find both concealed and exposed valves, so you can pick the right style for your bathroom.

Amongst our impressive range are manual shower valves from some of the biggest names in the bathroom business; names like Vado, Roper Rhodes and Flova. All our shower valves come with big savings off the RRPs and extensive guarantees. Once you’ve chosen your valves, take a look at our collection of shower heads and rail kits.

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