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Concealed Shower Valves

Concealed shower valves are probably the most popular and elegant way of controlling your shower. With no ugly hoses on display, just a chrome plated fascia and the shower controls, they provide a very minimalist look which looks great with both our modern concealed valves as well as our traditionally designed ones. We have hundreds of concealed shower valves, so deciding which one to pick can be tricky.

To help make your decision slightly easier, almost all of our concealed shower valves are thermostatically controlled. This means that no matter what other taps someone in the house is using, the water temperature will never fluctuate from that which has been set. This ensures the safest possible showering experience and makes a concealed thermostatic valve perfect for families with young children.

If you’re concerned about accessing a concealed shower valve for maintenance, don’t be. Access to the working parts of a concealed valve is from the front, just behind the controls, making it no less practical than an exposed valve. If you’re still unsure about which concealed shower valve is right for you, then by using the filters on the left hand side you can filter by the number of outlets, the brand, the minimum water pressure, and even the length of the guarantee.

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