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Exposed Shower Valves

Exposed shower valves are the simplest type of valve to buy and install as there is no need to recess the shower working parts inside your wall. Instead, an exposed shower valve has all the working parts inside the body of the valve and is installed to the exterior of the wall inside your shower cubicle or bath. This then connects up to the hot and cold pipes in the wall and a simple shower hose is then used to connect the valve to a shower rail kit of simple shower handset.

Almost all of our exposed shower valves are thermostatically controlled, creating a safer shower for you and your family every time you step inside it. With thermostatic technology, the water temperature doesn’t fluctuate from the temperature that you have set, even if someone elsewhere in the house turns on another tap or flushes a toilet.

At Tap Warehouse, we have exposed shower valves from some of the biggest names in the bathroom business; names like Crosswater, Sagittarius and Vado, as well as many more, and all of them come with lengthy guarantees.

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