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Bar Shower Valves

Bar shower valves are perhaps the quickest and easiest shower valves to install because there’s no faffing about trying to recess it within the wall. They are simply connected to the hot and cold pipes in the wall and then attached to the wall. All of this means that they perhaps aren’t quite as elegant as a concealed shower valve as more of the valve is exposed, but as well as this making them easier and cheaper to install, it also makes them easier to maintain and clean.

Bar shower valves are available in a huge variety of styles and sizes, including modern, traditional, angular and curved, and almost all of our shower bar valves here at Tap Warehouse are thermostatically controlled to give you and your family the safest possible showering experience.

We have bar shower valves to suit all budgets and tastes, and with bar valves from the likes of Sagittarius, Tre Mercati and Mayfair in our collection, you can be confident of getting a high-quality valve at the best possible price.

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