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Which Traditional Toilet is the Best Choice?

Welcome back to the Tap Warehouse blog, where this week we’re diving back in time to celebrate the traditional toilet in all of its emblematic majesty – as well as all of the equally majestic traditional bathroom accessories that come with it.

We spend so much time focusing on modern designer toilets that are fantastic, yet of course none of these would exist if they had not descended from the traditional high level toilet masterpieces upon which our ancestors perched.

Classic bathrooms are an excellent way to make a statement, a staple feature for any home renovator not wanting a modern décor and it’s easy to understand why. As popular as progressive bathroom trends get, there will always be demand for traditional bathrooms.

So whether you’re already set on a traditional bathroom or not, join us a we delve into some of the very best traditional toilets and accessories available right now via our expansive online store.

What is a Traditional Toilet?

When we say traditional toilet, we’re not talking about a hole in the ground down at the very base of the garden. Not quite that traditional, no. We’re talking about the Victorian style of toilet that consists of a tall, elegant, simple and timeless white ceramic construct, often matched by sink and bidet. These can then be accented further by exposed brass ware including piping, taps, flush and more.

Types of Traditional Toilet

The main types of traditional toilet fall into the low or high level, close coupled and back to wall categories. We shall now take you through the best of those we have to offer.

High Level Traditional Toilets

To kick things off we bring you an item that is surely the crux of any aspiring classical bathroom, and that is the traditional high level toilet. In these distinctive setups, you will see that the cistern is elevated far above the toilet pan and mounted toward the ceiling.

This provides combined grace and grandeur, a chance to display quality pipework, and a decent amount of wall space for you to either appreciate or fill.

Check out this Butler & Rose Catherine Traditional High Level Toilet with Pan, Cistern & Flush Pipe Kit for an unbelievable price.

You can’t get much better value than this complete package, which pays homage to traditional high level toilets yet at modern quality standards.

With the highest quality white vitreous china, the Catherine traditional toilet is durable as well as stylish.

It boasts an overall height of 2100mm, an ornate design matching all components, brackets, lever and chain, and a solid 5 year manufacturer guarantee.

This classic high level toilet has everything you need to get your traditional bathroom started in style apart from a seat – don’t worry, we will be sharing a selection of our finest traditional toilet seats just a little later on in this blog.

Low Level Traditional Toilets

So if the high level toilet is not the one for you, perhaps a traditional low level toilet will do.

Here you enjoy every bit of the panache as the previous sample yet at a far simpler-to-handle height – a great move for those traditional bathrooms lacking a vaulted ceiling.

Butler & Rose are back at it with this Darcy Traditional Low Level Toilet, Cistern & Flush Pipe Kit that can be yours for an absolute steal of a price.

Featuring all of the same stellar construction standards as our previous Butler & Rose showing, this low level toilet is kitted out with a ceramic flush lever and comes with a lifetime guarantee for your confident use.

The low level design fits perfectly in a bathroom that's going for that classic period bathroom look, without going all in on the traditional design. 

This is the kind of toilet we'd expect to find in a beautiful farmhouse somewhere and we love it!

Close Coupled Traditional Toilets

As we continue to decrease in vertical presence, we bring to you the traditional close coupled toilet.

The meaning of “close coupled” is that there is a joining element between cistern and pan, which varies in the amount of aesthetic or structural relevance but is nonetheless right there.

Butler & Rose bring it back for a third time with this quintessentially classical Winston Traditional Close Coupled Toilet & Seat, which provides all of your traditional toilet requirements including delightfully styled cistern top plate.

And if you wish to upgrade the standard plastic seat or chrome plated flush lever then you can do so without issue.

For a more minimalist traditional toilet look, the Winston is your guy - no matter the size or style of your bathroom though, the Winston is super versatile and looks great just about everywhere.

Traditional Toilet Seats

There’s no incentive for not leaving up the lid like getting a new toilet seat! At Tap Warehouse we have you covered with our range of delightful traditional wood toilet seats to complement your new traditional toilet or rustic up an existing toilet unit.

Classic Pairings for Traditional Toilets

Of course, it's utterly impossible to complete your stunning period bathroom design without including other traditional items. We've compiled some of our most exquisite classical pieces to pair with your traditional toilet. So, without further ado, it's time to fully kit-out your bathroom, Victorian-style!

Traditional Bidets

Ah, the bidet, the long-featured yet seldom-used bathroom that is nonetheless a requirement in any realistically rendered traditional bathroom.

While it may not be called upon as extensively these days, the bidet is a great tool when it comes down to it.

Here at Tap Warehouse, we are all about embracing the traditional bidet – what better way to do so than with this Butler & Rose Catherine Bidet – One Tap Hole for such a jaw-dropping price?

Made from the same top quality vitreous china as Butler & Rose’s admirable selection of traditional toilets we shared earlier, the Catherine’s gloss white finish ensures that it is easy to clean and its single tap hole is perfect for a traditional mono bidet tap.

If you're a sucker for total cleanliness and want to kit out your bathroom with the best traditional toilet, pairing this with a bidet adds to that stately home we all dream of from time to time!

Traditional Basins

From traditional bidet we arrive at the traditional basin, perhaps the most-used area of any bathroom – whatever the era of its aesthetic.

Traditional Bathroom Accessories

Of course, a period bathroom consists of much more than its traditional toilet, bidet and basin. There is the bath – which may well be a free-standing bath with 4 dedicated feet – and then there is all of the accessories for which a classic bathroom calls.

Even the smallest addition in classic styling can make a world of difference and can often provide the finest final touch to a perfect décor. As you can imagine, Butler & Rose produce a number of exquisite classical bathroom finishing items in the form of their Catherine accessory range.

Take a look at some of our top picks below.

Here For You: The Tap Warehouse Tradition

We pride ourselves at Tap Warehouse on the quality and consistency of our customer service and invite you get in touch at any time for all of your traditional toilet questions.

From measurement checks to bouncing stylistic concepts off a new mind, just reach out to us here. 

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