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The Best Cheap Bath Filler Taps

Bath Filler Taps are an integral feature of every bath and are available in a wide range of designs and finishes, some part of a series so that you can coordinate your entire bathroom with your chosen look.

At Tap Warehouse we supply an extensive range of quality cheap bath taps.  Updating your bathroom can be a costly task, so ere are a few of our most popular cheap bath taps that all offer high quality and great value for money!

Sagittarius Demeter Bath Pillar Taps

An easy to use, cheap bathroom tap featuring a chrome-plated solid brass body that makes for a reassuringly sturdy feel.

A popular tap ideal for low pressure water systems, the Sagittarius Bath Pillar Taps comes at a very reasonable price and with a reassuring 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

With a sleek deck mounted design and beautiful chrome finish, these Sagittarius beauties of course look fantastic, but they also pack a punch when it comes to the practical side thanks to their pillar design.

The best bit when it comes to pillar bath filler taps is the ability to find that perfect temperature with great ease.

The crosshead handles give you total control over both the water flow and temperature, meaning you can live a life of luxury and style all for under £40!



The Vellamo Twist Matt Black Bath Filler Tap

Perched on the end or side of your tub, this striking tap has a matt black finish that looks simply fantastic in contemporary bathroom spaces.

Quarter turn ceramic disc technology prevents unwanted dripping and prolongs the life of your bath filler tap, whilst the solid brass construction ensures the Vellamo Twist is durable and can stand the test of time.

This jaw-dropping design fits elegantly in any monochrome bathroom, and even comes with a totally reassuring 10 year manufacturer's guarantee to assure you of its stellar quality.

It's important to note that a minimum water pressure of 0.5 bar is required for use with this product. If you need a little more information about water pressures, you can find it here in our handy guide.



Vellamo Twist Bath Filler

This bath filler tap also includes ceramic disc technology to prevent unwanted dripping, prolong the lifetime of your tap, and of course means that this beauty is built to stand the test of time.

The quarter turn mechanism makes the Vellamo Twist bath filler easy to use thanks to its smaller turning area, alongside a super reassuring lifetime manufacturer's guarantee to prove that the Twist really is built to last, and is guaranteed to keep you afloat for as long as it lives!

Thanks to the timeless design, this contemporary, elegant tap will still look good-as-new and totally 'in-style' no matter what year it is. Even when we're all floating on hover-boards and our phones have become holograms, the Vellamo Twist will still be as stylish as ever.

You'll need a minimum water pressure of 0.5 for the Twist, and a serious eye for style.



Sagittarius Balius Bath Shower Mixer


Vellamo Echo Bath Filler Tap

Boasting fantastic performance at a brilliant price, the Vellamo echo features a minimalist design that will look at home in any modern bathroom. The large lever is easy to control with one hand, which will allow you to easily adjust your bath to the perfect temperature. 

The tap is easy to install and ceramic disk technology is included to help stop costly drips, another way to reduce your water bill!

Don't let the fantastic price fool you though, this tap is built to last with a fantastic 10 year guarantee.



Vellamo Blox Bath Filler Tap

This bath filler features a sleek chrome body with angular curves that will make a bold statement when placed on an equally angular bath.

Made from high quality solid brass with sleek chrome plating, this tap is something that will last for years and years to come - hence that rather comforting 10 year manufacturer's guarantee that proves this beauty is built to last.

Ceramic disc technology prevents unwanted dripping and prolongs the life of life of the Vellamo Blox whilst also making sure it's as easy to use as possible.

A minimum water pressure of 0.2 bar is required alongside an eye for some serious bathroom luxury!



Vellamo Reef Thermostatic Bath Shower Bar Mixer 

In a beautiful chrome finish with a clearly marked temperature control handset, the Vellamo Reef Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer is made from the highest quality materials in a beautiful contemporary design, suitable pressure water systems 1.0 bar and above.

Ceramic disc technology prolongs life and prevents dripping, whilst the sturdy high quality brass construction ensures this is a tap that's built to stand the test of time.

As one of our best sellers and with a pretty comforting 5 year manufacturer's guarantee, it really is no surprise that anyone would be tempted by this luxurious bath shower filler.

If you're a safety lover (who isn't) then you'll also be pleased to know that thanks to the thermostatic element, the Reef boasts a built-in anti-scald device meaning you'll never be unpleasantly scalded again!



Vellamo Breeze Bath Filler

This designer tap offers superb performance and is available at a very affordable price, offering uncompromising value for money.

With a seriously stunning statement design and stylish curves, there really are no gaps here when it comes to aesthetics; which as we know, are paramount when it comes to bathroom taps nowadays.

A minimalist two hole design has never looked this good, but it's not all about looks. The Breeze boasts ceramic disc technology to prolong the life of your tap and prevent unwanted dripping too!

If you're looking for a simple yet stylish addition to your bathroom at an affordable price, then the Breeze is most certainly the one for you.

This fabulous bath filler comes with a reassuring 10 year manufacturer's guarantee to assure you of its reliable quality.



Vellamo Reve Waterfall Bath Shower Mixer Tap

Featuring quality components such as a ceramic disc cartridge designed to prolong life and prevent unwanted dripping, alongside the ability to work well with all water systems even at low pressure.

Not to mention the sleek modern design, the Vellamo Reve bath tap and shower mixer really does have it all.

Crafted from solid brass with a mesmerising chrome-plated finish, the Reve boasts an open waterfall spout to create the perfect aesthetic look, whilst quarter turn technology ensures ease of use.

With some truly fantastic features and a beautiful design, you'll be thrilled to know that the Reve also comes with a rather handy lifetime manufacturer's guarantee to assure you of its stellar quality.


So There You Have It...

So there you have it! Some of our most luxurious taps available for budget prices. If none of these have tickled your fancy, then please feel free to check out our full range of bath filler taps here, or get in touch here if you have any questions.

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