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Slash The Price Of Your Cuppa With A Boiling Water Tap This Black Friday

Like the idea of tap that can save you £55 a year making cuppas in seconds? Read on to find out more and how you can grab one in our Black Friday kitchen taps sale 

With the average kettle taking around 3-5 minutes to boil and Brits knocking back around 3 cuppas a day - wouldn’t it be nice to have that 15 minutes back? Not to mention saving money in the process... 

Let us explain. 

If you hate wasting time at the kettle or wish you could find a way to cut back on rising electricity bills then we might just have the answer for you. 

Boiling water taps dispense hot filtered water straight to your mug eliminating the time it takes to boil a kettle. Just think what you could do with those extra 15 minutes in the day.

You might have time to walk a brisk mile, wrap some presents or play with your pet. It could even give you the time to finally do some life admin - like changing passwords, catching up on bills or setting up a better internet deal.

With 15 minutes extra in the day, you could even dedicate it to self-care with a face mask, workout, power nap or quick mini-date with your partner…

Extra time to wrap those gifts? Yes please!

But the benefits of a boiling water tap don't stop there. In fact, you'll be saving money too.

It costs around 5p to boil a kettle which is going to add around £55 to your electricity bill every year - just for your daily cuppas. If you think of everything else we need to boil a kettle for, the costs can spiral. 

And as we move into the festive period, it’s likely we’ll be reaching for the kettle even more often than usual - from enjoying cuppas with friends and family to filling pots and pans ready to prepare and cook veg for the Christmas meal.

All of which adds money to your electricity bill at a cost of 5p per boil. It all adds up. 

Running a boiling water tap will cost just 3p a day, slashing that yearly cost to £10 for however much you use it!

Other benefits of a boiling water tap

Not only will you be saving money and time, boiling water taps have plenty of other uses making them one of the most popular contemporary additions to a kitchen.

Think about being able to fill your hot water bottle straight away before bed without having to wait for the kettle to boil. And, if you have a little one in the house, they're pretty useful for sterilising bottles quick - making those middle of the night top up feeds not so painful! 

Let's recap on those benefits: 

  • Instant boiling water - any time of day 
  • Filtered cold and hot water on demand meaning pure drinking water from your tap
  • Saves water and energy as you'll only take what you need 
  • Saves space at home - who needs a kettle clogging up worktops now? 
  • Safety features as standard to protect little (and grown up) hands from scalding 

This Black Friday, we've slashed prices on a number of boiling water taps, as well as other kitchen taps, kitchen sinks and a full range of bathroom products

Be quick - ends Midnight 24th November. 

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