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Waste Disposal Units and the Environment

For those of you that want a quick, hygienic, and environmentally sound way to dispose of your food waste, an under-the-sink waste disposal unit is the best choice.

The environment and green building are on everyone’s mind these days. From the materials you use in your home to the way you dispose of your waste, there are a lot of decisions you make each day that have an impact on the environment.


Food waste disposal is one of the hottest topics right now, with people wondering what the best, most eco-friendly method is for disposing of their leftover food scraps. And while most people will agree compost is best, not everyone has access to the land and space necessary to do so.
For those that want a quick, hygienic, and environmentally sound way to dispose of their food waste, an under-the-sink waste disposal unit is the best choice.

The Benefits of Waste Disposal Units

Waste disposal units means less landfills

 Many people wonder if it’s better to just throw away their waste, rather than use a disposal unit. After all, don’t disposal units waste a lot of water and potentially contaminate water supplies? In actuality, disposal units are much more environmentally sound than simply throwing your leftovers into a landfill.

Decomposing foodstuffs give off methane gas, which pollutes the air and contributes to the growing problem of greenhouse gasses. Water treatment plants, on the other hand, are specially designed to filter out the food waste particles your waste disposal unit sends their way. This filtered waste is often turned into fertilizer to help plants grow, and does not end up polluting the water or decomposing into methane gases that pollute the air. Any methane that is given off at the water treatment plant is captured and redirected, used for things like producing energy, which has a further positive impact on the environment.

Choosing Your Waste Disposal Unit

Insinkerator Evolution 200 Waste Disposal Unit


The unit you choose, your home, and your community will also have a big impact on how your food waste disposal affects the environment.

For example, if you frequently have large amount of waste, or large pieces of hard food waste, you may want to consider investing in a waste disposal unit that has a continuous feed and is designed to break up anything you can put in there. If you’re concerned about bacteria, invest in a waste disposal unit like those made by Rangemaster, which feature BioShield – a way to help protect your home and the environment from harmful bacteria left over from rotting food.


Make the Environmental Choice

You should always make sure that your community has enough water for you to run your waste disposal unit properly. You should also make sure that your house’s plumbing is designed to handle it as well. Once those considerations are met, you can easily ensure that you’re doing your part to stop harmful methane gases from polluting the environment, simply by using a food waste disposal unit beneath your kitchen sink, rather than throwing your leftovers away to end up in a landfill.


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