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You Could Make £6,960 if You Have These Retro Furniture Items

Are you having a clear-out and wanting to make an extra buck selling some of your items? Or perhaps you’re wanting to kit your home out with retro pieces and are unsure how to spot a genuine item, or how much it’s worth.  We've uncovered some of the most valuable retro furniture items by analysing sold price data on eBay. Selling these items could make you a whopping £5,350. 

Make up to £2,470 with Mid-Century Hille Robin Day 

Hille, a British manufacturer established in 1906, hired designer Robin Day in 1949 to modernise their furnishings. The collaboration was so prolific they produced over 150 designs in just 44 years. If you have Hille/Robin Day furnishings or are looking to equip your home, the following items sell for a total of £2,136 on average. 

  • Sideboard - £933
  • Sofa - £800
  • Hillestak Chair(s) - £270 - £737

Robin Day has the Most Expensive Retro Sideboard, Costing £933

After analysing all the major retro furniture brands, the Hille/Robin Day sideboard is the most valuable. The average price at £933 this sideboard costs £569 and £327 more than Ercol and G Plan. But, what exactly is a sideboard? This furniture item was traditionally used in the dining room, to serve food, display dishes, and store. However, these days many use a vintage sideboard as a stunning TV unit.  

Incredible Hillestak Chairs Sell for Up to £737 

Hillestak chairs are beautifully crafted stackable chairs (hence the name), with a beech frame and walnut seat. The chairs have an iconic mid-century look that just one chair can sell for a whopping £270 on average. If you have a set of these chairs you could earn yourself £737 on eBay. 

You Could Earn £2,331 by Selling These Retro Ercol Furnishings

Ercol was established in 1920 and soon became a British furniture favourite. Renowned for its innovative techniques and superb quality, which is why these retro pieces are so desirable to this day. So much so, that you could earn £2,331 by selling these items: 

  • Windsor Grand Plank Table & Chairs – £1,065
  • Daybed - £902
  • Sideboard - £364

To uncover if you’ve got an Ercol item, or perhaps found an Ercol bargain, look out for small blue labels, either on metallic paper or gold roundels. Vintage pieces often will have a lion sitting above the name, however, newer items just have the logo. 

Have a Retro Dining Table? It Could Be Worth £1,065

One of the most famous pieces from Ercol is the plank dining table and chairs, and if you happen to have this item in your home, you could make £1,065. If you’re unsure if you have an Ercol table, the ‘plank’ features a sleek rounded rectangle top with outward tapered legs. And, underneath should be an ‘Ercol’ stamp. 

Vintage Ercol Daybed Sells for 60% More than a Brand New One 

Surprisingly, despite the Ercol daybed being used, around 61 years old, and likely many people have sat or slept on it, the average sold price is £902. If you were to buy a brand-new daybed it would cost you a fraction of the price - £485 on average. 

Earn £1,610 with These Retro G-Plan Items 

G-Plan is an iconic furniture brand founded in 1953. They created interchangeable pieces that meant homeowners could pick an array of items whilst still having a coordinated look. 

So, if you happen to have one G-plan item you might likely have a few more, meaning you could earn £1,725 with these items: 

  • Dining table & chairs - £682
  • Sideboard - £606
  • Swivel Chair – £322

A sure-fire way to tell if an item is G-Plan is by looking for a gold G-Plan label, or a red label if the item is from the mid-60s to early 90s. G-Plan’s furniture often makes use of sleek straight lines so look out for that too. 

Iconic ‘James Bond’ Swivel Chair Could Earn You £438 

The swivel chair is perhaps one of the most famous chairs to be captured on camera, an actual G-Plan 6250 chair was used to sit the infamous Blofeld villain in James Bond You Only Live Twice (1963). The swivel chair was launched in 1962, discontinued in 1982, and then brought back out again in 2012. However, if you can find yourself a retro one it’s worth on average £438.

Merrow Associates Drinks Trolley Sells for £356 More than a Brand-New One

Merrow Associates exudes classic 60s-70s design. The company was founded in 1965 and its items were found in high-class stores like Harrods. One of the more iconic items is a stunning drinks trolley, crafted from wood, solid chrome and glass shelves. If you happen to have this retro item you could earn yourself £549, that’s £356 more than a new drinks trolley. 

If you’ve been inspired by these retro furnishings, perhaps you would like to know which cities in the UK are best for upcycling? Or check out our blog for interior inspiration

The average sold price data from eBay is correct as of July 2022.

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