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Introducing: Sanimaid - Our New Favourite Toilet "Brush"

Ok, sure. We don’t necessarily jump for joy when we hear the words “innovative new toilet cleaning tool” either - but when you lay eyes on the Sanimaid range, you’re bound to find that at least a little squeal of excitement escapes your lips.

We’re talking some seriously effective and aesthetically pleasing toilet “brushes” at some seriously astonishing prices.

The Why

So let’s talk about why. Why Sanimaid? Well, if you haven’t noticed, cleaning toilets with an actual toilet brush can result in some pretty unpleasant splashes, not to mention some remaining “residue” on your brush head after the fact. Whereas, with your Sanimaid silicone toilet cleaner, you skip out on the splashes and drips thanks to the splash-proof head and no-drip design, whilst being sure to cover all surface area too. Each fabulous Sanimaid design boasts a handle that repels 99.9% of bacteria, so you won’t need to worry about those pesky germs either. The flat head design of all Sanimaid cleaners means that you can easily reach 360° angles of your toilet bowl and even under the rim for full cleaning capabilities.

If you’re still somehow questions the Sanimaid’s superiority to the standard toilet brush, have a look at the handy little image below.

The What

Ok, so what are your options here? Well, if you’re particular when it comes to style you happen to be in luck, as we’ve got three fabulous different styles of Sanimaid for you to spruce up your bathroom with, alongside a handy replacement “brush” in case you simply cannot get enough - or get so excited that you break your current one!

Let’s talk you through each Sanimaid beauty.

The Oslo

Starting off with a modern spin on the floorstanding toilet brush design, we have the Oslo.

This fabulously innovative piece comes with a minimalist floor caddy for storing your lovely Sanimaid brush, whilst boasting a classic design.

The floor holder can be easily placed wherever you’d like and even delights us with anti-slip rubber pads to ensure it can’t surprise you and travel to the other side of the room.

For the simple monochrome look, the white finish with grey cleaning head is all you need; or if you’re after something a little more exotic, perhaps the charcoal grey and green cleaning head is more your style.

No matter your preference, we can all agree on one thing - these are far more beautiful than your standard mucky brush!

The Copenhagen

Before we get stuck into the nitty gritty, we should just point out that the price of the Copenhagen has our jaws on the floor.

This is some seriously practical bathroom luxury here for a fraction of the price you’d expect.

The Copenhagen is available in a sleek black or white finish, and can be mounted to the wall without any screws or drilling required - simply use the adhesive patch provided to fix this beauty to your wall in the desired place.

You’re looking at a seriously hygienic way to clean your toilet until it looks brand spanking new, with a Sanimaid Copenhagen toilet bowl cleaner you can reach every angle and enjoy every compliment.

The Paris

Now we’re getting a little exotic with the Sanimaid Paris. This delightful slice of cleanliness is available in five different finishes; black, green, dust blue, yellow, or pink. If you’re a sucker for some proper bathroom design customisation, it’s likely that the notion of extra colours (!!) is truly thrilling for you, so we’re more than happy to offer this delectable range of finishes.

Easy mounting once again you can keep those screws and drills far away because all you’ll need is the fancy (and included) adhesive pad to fix the Paris to your wall.

With a smart lid to hide the cleaning head when not in use, and minimalist slimline design, you really do have the best of both worlds here - practical and beautiful.

Alike all other Sanimaids you’ll be able to reach the awkward angles, prevent the spread of bacteria, and make the neighbours jealous all with one simple piece of kit. What a treat!

Happy Hygiene

It’s no secret that the Sanimaid range is truly innovative bathroom cleaning at its finest, we’ll have you know that Sanimaid have even won a Global Innovation Award - how fancy!

But, if after all of this wonderful information you’re still not quite convinced, please enjoy these wonderful video featuring Saniboy and Mr Brushhead…

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