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Personalising Your Sagittarius Taps With a Stunning Bespoke Finish

What’s Happening?

As always here at Tap Warehouse, things are ever expanding! Today, we’ve got an exciting announcement today for you with regards to our Sagittarius taps! But before we get into that, we’d best give you a brief outline of Sagittarius as a brand!

Who are Sagittarius?

Sagittarius Taps are well known for their fabulous products, focusing upon attention to detail alongside a clear and consistent high level of quality. Tap Warehouse take your views and satisfaction extremely seriously and only endorse the most ethical and quality brands, and Sagittarius is no exception!

Not only are they hugely quality-driven, but Sagittarius also do their part to protect the environment, this being something which Tap Warehouse is of course also passionate about.

If you’re looking for products that look and “feel” good, Sagittarius is the brand for you.

What are the Special Bespoke Finishes?

Black Nickel

As we’re sure any avid blog readers could tell you, black brassware is hugely popular in the bathroom industry right now, and it looks like it’s only increasing in demand! We adore our matt black taps, but sometimes that just won’t cut it - so that’s where Sagittarius come in. The stunning glossy shine of their black nickel bespoke finish is utterly mesmerising, and if you don’t believe us, see for yourself below!

We’re sure you’ll fall in love with your bathroom all over again with this stunning new bespoke finish. This look fits perfectly with both traditional and modern taps so nobody is excluded from this gorgeous look!

Rose Gold

Our next finish sparks excitement everywhere its name is spoken - rose gold! Luxurious and beautiful, yet indescribably elegant, the Sagittarius rose gold special finish is almost too beautiful for words.


Available across traditional and modern bath fillers, sleek basin mixers, and kitchen taps, you can add a splash of this gorgeous rose gold bespoke finish in almost every room - who wouldn’t want that?


Rose gold has become the equally beautiful cousin of copper finishes in the world of industrial bathroom design too, and if you’re looking to design your own stunning industrial bathroom, Sagittarius are most definitely providing the finishes to go with it!

Antique Gold

Of course, it wouldn’t be a collection of special finishes without an element of classic beauty, which is where the fabulous antique gold finish comes in.


There’s nothing more mesmerising than a gold tap within a minimalist bathroom, and guests are sure to ooze envy when they see your new Sagittarius antique gold brassware.

Decisions, Decisions...

Choosing between these various Sagittarius special finishes can be a real challenge, but luckily not only do the special finishes compliment one another beautifully, they can also be combined together. Take for example, this stunning pairing of the black nickel and gold finishes below.

Please note that the black nickel finish appears slightly lighter in this image.

What Products Are Available in These Finishes?

Whilst we are unable to offer a set list of products, Tap Warehouse are delighted to inform you that the majority of our Sagittarius taps are available in these special finishes.

That’s most of our beautiful Sagittarius products such as the Bari bath filler (shown below) being made into your dream colouring!

If you have a specific product in mind and you want to begin the process of getting your special finishes, contact our sales team to find out if your chosen item can be coated with a stunning bespoke finish.

What Does it Cost?

Because each product is unique, it wouldn’t be possible to give a set price for these special finishes, and product and price compatibility can only be confirmed once an order is created.

Here at Tap Warehouse, we pride ourselves on offering affordable yet premium quality products, so rest assured we will always offer you the best pricing possible.

I Want One!

If we’ve tempted you already (it’s not hard when these finishes are so stunning!) then your next step is to get in touch with our fantastic sales team via live chat or email. We’re absolutely thrilled with these captivating bespoke finishes, and we wish you the best of luck with designing your dream bathroom!

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