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Featured Brand: Rangemaster

This week we shall be treating you valued readers to an exclusive insight into one of the team here’s favourite home bathroom brands: Rangemaster.

We’ll look at some of Rangemaster’s finest Rangemaster kitchen sinks, taps and accessories, which are synonymous with industry-leading quality.

We’ll give you the lowdown on these leading kitchen accessories that you know you want, and then we’ll show you exactly where to find them on our expansive online store.

So, without further ado, let’s sink our teeth into Rangemaster’s masterful range of kitchen sinks.

Who Are Rangemaster?

Chances are that you may already be familiar with the Rangemaster name – many customers of ours are, though most know Rangemaster for their excellent range of cookers and other kitchen units.

At Tap Warehouse, however, we’re interested in Rangemaster’s stunning selection of kitchen sinks, taps and accessories. And what a range they have…

Rangemaster is recognised for its excellent use of materials so expect to see stainless steel sinks, ceramic sinks, Butler and Belfast kitchen sinks, composite and granite kitchen sinks, and much more. From modern composite sinks to traditional fireclay ceramics, these guys do it all. Variety defines Rangemaster.

Rangemaster kitchen sinks are mostly made right here in the UK and are all produced using the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Each sink is a piece of design perfection, providing users with countless years of faultless use. Backed up with a 5 year warranty on all taps and 25 year warranty on most sinks, you can see why Rangemaster are always one of the first brands that we recommend our clients consider.

They are distinct, they are impeccably designed, and they are damned durable. There is not much more that you can ask for from a proud homegrown business. Now, let’s delve further.

Rangemaster Kitchen Sinks

Rangemaster provide over 100 kitchen sink types and each one of these has fantastic features that set them apart from the competition. It was no easy feat for us to select just a few products to showcase today.

Yet we have done just that, singling out some of our favourites of each main type of Rangemaster kitchen sink. Across these kitchen sinks, you’ll see every kind of sink you could imagine. Shall we?

Rangemaster Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Rangemaster stainless steel sinks are an excellent choice for any kitchen renovator looking for a kitchen sink as affordable as it is stylish. Easy to install, operate and clean, Rangemaster steel sinks make a literally gleaming upgrade to your home kitchen.

Choose stainless steel sinks for a durable yet luxurious, utilitarian yet esteemed image. Rangemaster have over 60 stainless steel sinks in their arsenal and the Tap Warehouse team can confirm with confidence that any of these you choose will be a wonderful unit and money well spent.

We have single bowl stainless steel sinks, stainless steel undermount sinks, 1.5 bowl and double bowl stainless steel sinks and many more variants produced by Rangemaster. Let’s check out three that come to mind.

Rangemaster Composite & Granite Kitchen Sinks

From stainless to stone, we present our understandably popular selection of Rangemaster composite and granite kitchen sinks. Each of these is incredibly durable yet effortlessly elegant, showing a balance in design that is nothing short of masterful. You won’t be surprised to hear that our igneous ash granite sinks are some of Tap Warehouse’s best sellers of all home kitchen brands.

Rangemaster granite and composite sinks use rustic materials shaped into modern perfection. They are scratch resistant, impact resistant and heat resistant, taking everything that busy family life in the kitchen can throw at them. They are also incredibly easy to clean.

Igneous stone, crystal white, scoria stone and black granite are just three of the ravishing earthy tones that make up our Rangemaster composite and granite kitchen sinks. Check out three of our favourites below.

Rangemaster Ceramic Kitchen Sinks / Rangemaster Butler & Belfast Kitchen Sinks

Last up, we present our timeless Rangemaster ceramic kitchen sinks, a selection including their wonderful Belfast sink and butler sink variants.

These kitchen sink types are perfect for those renovators aiming for a traditional kitchen aesthetic. Complement vintage tile schemes and ornate cabinetry with a Rangemaster ceramic kitchen sink; hark back to the delightfully grand era of Victorian interior design with a Rangemaster Belfast or butler sink.

Our customers are delighted when they set their eyes on these ceramic beauties, which showcase Rangemaster’s excellent ceramic moulding process and other techniques required by each of these masterpieces.

Made of the highest quality Fireclay ceramic material, these beautiful sinks are built to last by Rangemaster. Here are three that hold precedence in our admirations.

Rangemaster Kitchen Taps

It’s all well and good to have a fantastic new kitchen sink but what taps will you choose to top it off? Luckily, Rangemaster have you covered here with a fantastic range of taps featuring the latest technology and rather elegant designs.

Whatever kitchen taps you need to finish off your new interior, from modern Bauhaus taps to traditional Belfast bridge taps, here we view some of the best by Rangemaster. Try these fantastic Rangemaster kitchen taps on for size…

Rangemaster Mono Kitchen Mixers

Rangemaster knows how to put out a perfect mono kitchen mixer tap, as you can clearly see from their mono kitchen mixer tap range.

Sleek and minimal or grand and confident, Rangemaster single mixer taps come in a host of modern and traditional designs, and more than look the part atop their kitchen sink counterparts. See a few of our top picks below:

Rangemaster 2 Hole Kitchen Taps

If you seek a traditional two hole kitchen tap look then Rangemaster have the solution for you – take a browse of their full range at our online store. Achieve your classic tap layout to augment your period kitchen design, yet avoid all of the nuisance that can cause older or lesser two hole kitchen tap systems to lose pace.

Rangemaster ensure this by channelling every bit as much modern technology into their two hole kitchen taps as their other more progressive products. It’s exactly this type of attention to detail that keeps Rangemaster firing on all cylinders at the forefront of the kitchen products game.

Here's some of our favourite Rangemaster 2 hole kitchen taps:

Rangemaster Filtered Water Taps

More and more homeowners are choosing to fit their new kitchen with a filtered water tap, a brilliant idea ensuring that you and your loved ones enjoy only the cleanest water to drink. This can be of incredible importance depending on whereabouts you live.

Rangemaster filter taps and filter mixers boast the same impeccable design quality as the remainder of the Rangemaster tap range and are commendably affordable in comparison to competing filtered water taps.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Rangemaster Kitchen Sink Accessories

When you purchase a Rangemaster kitchen sink and taps, you may like to ensure that you use accessories of the same outstanding quality. This is the surest way to get the longest possible life and best performance out of your new kitchen sink and taps.

Our Rangemaster kitchen sink accessories are incredibly popular – for Rangemaster products and beyond – and rather affordable, too.

From overflows, waste kits, draining baskets and tech-heavy waste disposal units to a rather slick  bamboo chopping board, Rangemaster accessories are the perfect way to finish off your proud new kitchen.

These are a few of our top picks:

Magnificent Rangemaster

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our Rangemaster kitchen sinks, taps and accessories as much as we enjoy working with these excellent products!

If you’re looking for new designer kitchenware, you could do far worse than spend 15 minutes browsing our expansive online store’s entire Rangemaster selection. You never know what you will find…

Here to Help

The Tap Warehouse team bring you decades of collective expertise covering everything to do with taps in the bathroom, kitchen and beyond. So, don’t lose sleep over your concern, just turn to us!

Whatever it may be, from specifics on any of our Rangemaster kitchen sinks to any technical tap query, give our team a shout right here and let’s see if we can’t point you in the right direction.

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