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Featured Brand: Harbour

This week we're providing a brand focus on Harbour, one of the best luxury bathroom brands out there right now.

We will explain the delightful assortment of modern bathroom styles that they feature across a number of ranges, what makes each range different, and why you should look should take a look at these products whenever looking to update your home bathrooms!


Introducing Harbour

You will sail though this article with a smile on your face while you browse the luxurious yet comfortably affordable products that Harbour has on offer. This balance between style and value makes them one of the best options when saving the pennies in the run up to Christmas.

The vast selection of products on offer from Harbour make it rather simple to bring together all of the elements you need to make a stunning bathroom space. But you are not alone – we are here to help you navigate through Harbour’s many ranges in this informative brand focus.

If you would like to forge ahead we harbour no ill-will – you can check out our entire Harbour range here and compare them to your favourite items across the rest of our expansive online store.

Harbour’s Range of Ranges

Harbour is one of the most varied bathroom brands out there right now. It has as many ranges as other bathroom brands have products – and we are not complaining! With so much competition, new bathroom brands must ensure that they stand out. And Harbour does exactly that.

First stop on our voyage will be the Harbour Clarity range with its spectacular wall mounted and floor standing bathroom unit options presented in the contemporary finish for which Harbour has rapidly become regarded.

Next up will be the Harbour Alchemy selection with its curved and angular designs perfect for maximising space in cloakroom bathrooms as well as providing exciting shapes for enlivening modern bathrooms of all sizes.

The next stop will be the Harbour Icon range with its space-saving, money-saving combination toilet and basin unites with gorgeous finishes such as Graphite Grey and Driftwood Oak that appear far more expensive than they are.

When searching for the latest in bathroom fixtures technology, you will want to ensure you take a look at Harbour Grace, and of course Harbour Status for its regal brassware and slick matt black fixtures that exquisitely channel the very latest in bathroom trends.

Finally, we will tell you all there is to know about the Harbour Glow mirror range and all of the leading technological features included. Ready to set sail through the entire Harbour range? Then let’s get started.

Harbour Clarity

The visually tantalising Harbour Clarity range is without a doubt one of our most popular ranges here at Tap Warehouse and it is not hard to see why. Each meticulously designed item of this high end bathroom vanity selection comes in a desirable range of minimal, modern finishes – Avola Grey, Driftwood Oak and Chestnut to name just a few.

This brand values the user experience above all else and this is detectable in the quality contemporary design you see in each item. Nothing has been done without practicality in mind and so each Clarity piece fits well into any modern bathroom.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Browse through the assortment of gracefully designed bath taps, curved basins and luxurious wall mounted vanity fixtures. All products come with a lifetime guarantee as standard for your peace of mind.

Take a browse at what is on offer from the luxurious bathroom brand Harbour Clarity – we have a feeling that you won’t be disappointed.

Harbour Alchemy

Next, we excitedly welcome you to the Harbour Alchemy range, where you will discover a stunning spread of vanity units, tall cabinets, WC units and basins. If the sound of affordable but luxurious bathroom features floats your boat, then you are certainly in the right place.

Each Alchemy piece brings an irresistible aesthetic beauty yet is also highly functional. If you are looking to furnish your cloakroom bathroom, the Alchemy collection features matching toilets and basins that are perfect for creating a stunning bathroom in a small space.

The Harbour Alchemy range also has perfectly designed features for larger bathrooms with a remarkable range of close coupled and back-to-wall toilets that are sure to complement and seamlessly integrate with your existing bathroom décor.

Let's have a look at some of our best sellers:

All products featured in the Harbour Alchemy range come with a lifetime guarantee, so you are guaranteed a luxurious, long-lasting product at a low price. What a treat!

Harbour Icon

Bring a beautifully designed whilst practical flair to your home bathroom with the Harbour Icon range, which focuses on stunning sanitary ware with a range full of standard close coupled, back-to-wall, and comfort height toilets that are beautifully shaped and eco-friendly.

The standard close coupled toilets are built for convenience, saving you time when installing and bringing a stylish shape that is traditional and familiar yet in a modern embodiment.

Here's a few of our favourites:

The back-to-wall toilet designs featured in the Harbour Icon range are also highly space efficient and so we recommend these if furnishing a small bathroom! 

Why not browse every beautifully designed and practical products on offer from Harbour Icon here?

Harbour Grace

The Harbour Grace range is a collection of very clean and crisp looking contemporary sanitary ware. The name of the brand really gives away the look of these products, truly stunning and graceful. If you are choosing from a selection of leading bathroom basin brands, you need to look no further. The range has varying heights of basins as well as modern toilets and gorgeous vanity units with polymarble basins. The wall mounted vanity units are exceptional at maximising storage space in your bathroom whilst keeping the look remarkably slick and stylish.

Not only do the toilets in this range feature the latest industry technology such as featuring soft-closing seats as standard, but also look superb and are designed to save space.

Let's take a look at a few Harbour Grace greatest hits:

When browsing through this luxury bathroom furniture brands selection, you will see the glossy white immaculate finish that covers the gorgeous floor standing and wall-hung vanities and renders Grace items a uniform fit for any bathroom.

View all products on offer in the Harbour Grace range and augment your bathroom.

Harbour Status

If you are looking for the latest in designer bathroom fixtures conducted by one of the best bathroom tap brands in Harbour, look no further than the gold dust that is the Harbour Status range.

A collection of contemporary taps and showers in matt black – this is truly the forefront of luxurious bathroom fashion

The shower riser rail kits and bath mixer taps in the Status range are equally if not more magnificent: luxurious and slick, they ooze quality as well as high pressure water of course!

Fancy a sneak peek?

If matt black is not what you are looking for, Status products also come in deliciously shiny chrome fixtures for your design pleasure.

Why not marvel more at what this leading bathroom brand’s Harbour Status range has on offer?

Harbour Glow & Harbour Mirrors

My oh my, have we saved the best till last. Feast your eyes on the exquisite selection of mirrors that Harbour has on offer in its Glow mirror range. No matter what style of bathroom you are finishing, it is important to select the right products and accessories to fit seamlessly with the rest of the parts of your room.

Harbour are one of the proponents pushing the high-tech home bathroom mirror field and we could not sing their praises enough. The impressive features include LED lights, heated demister pads (so you can put an end to condensation preventing your post-shower routines), integrated shaving sockets and infrared touch technology to name a few!

So whether you want a simple and slick reflective zone or want to dive into technologically impressive mirrors, Harbour has you covered.

Take a look for yourself at the incredible features Harbour Glow has available for you.

Shop All of Harbour

It’s been a delight to take you on a guided tour through Harbour’s goods but we understand there is nothing like a solo browse so be our guest and check out the entire range of wonderful Harbour bathroom products right here.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about Harbour, be sure to contact our customer service and sales support team.

No matter how big or small your question may be, the Tap Warehouse team are incredibly experience and right here to support you throughout your home bathroom renovation journey – so do not hesitate to get in contact for totally free and unbiased advice.

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