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Featured Brand: Flova

In this month's Featured Brand post, we shall be taking a closer look at Flova. How have they gone from a small independent manufacturer to a leading brand in 70 countries in just 25 years? What makes them so special, and what products does the future hold?

This month in our ongoing Featured Brand series we shall be taking a closer look at Flova - world leaders in quality brassware for your kitchen and bathroom.

Flova - A Brief History

Flova began life 25 years ago solely as a manufacturer. They would then sell their taps and shower valves to other brands until one day they realised that, actually, they were making some of the best quality taps on the market, and perhaps they should start selling them under their own name. Today, the Flova brand is known in 70 countries, from Brazil to Australia, and Canada to Japan, and they hold over 160 patents. We will begin with a look at why Flova are so revered, before then having a look at some of their best wares.

The Art of Quality

Top down view of Flova Cascade waterfall basin mixer

Every Flova tap, every Flova shower valve, and every Flova bathroom accessory is crafted with the same care and precision. Right from the design process, nothing is left to chance. All research and development is done ‘in house’ and customer feedback is used so that every new product made is an improvement on the last.

When it comes to manufacturing, automation is key. Whilst it would be nice for everything to be handmade or hand finished, Flova know that this isn’t possible without mistakes being made or products being different. Millions of pounds has been invested in the very latest machinery, from Italian gravity die casting machines which gives a more accurate product with a smoother finish, to Swiss robotic polishing machines that use specific grade emery cloths to ensure the best finish.

Unlike many other manufacturers, Flova uses pure brass in their manufacturing process. What this means is that they don’t just melt down old bikes and other bits of scrap metal to make the brass; they can control exactly how much copper and zinc is used to make it, ensuring that every tap is made to the same exacting standard. Their brass is so strong that you can cut a Flova tap in half and it maintains its structural rigidity.

Staying on the subject of brass, Flova also uses low-lead brass which contains roughly half the amount of lead as the industry standard. You may be surprised to hear that there is any lead at all, after all, aren’t we constantly told that lead is bad for us? Whilst it is true that too much lead is bad for us, a small amount is required in the brass making process to bond it all together; too much, however, will actually weaken the brass. Flova brassware contains about half as much lead as the industry standard and far less than current government legislation allows.

The chrome plating process is one of the last stages of manufacturing, and again, this is done by a state-of-the-art machine. Flova brassware is plated with a ‘diamond chrome’ finish which is easy to clean due to its hydrophobic properties. Flova use 8 microns of nickel for a strong bond between the brass and chrome; much higher than the industry standard. This ensures that the chrome won’t start peeling away after a few years.

Only Perfect Will Do

Closeup of someone writing something on a clipboard

Nothing leaves the Flova factory unless it meets their impeccable standards. Throughout the manufacturing process there are more than 10 separate inspection points and each product is fully tested once it’s finished. Only when it’s passed all these tests will it be allowed in your home.

Flova want to make the best quality brassware for your home, but sometimes to be the best you need help from others. That’s why they partner with world leaders in cartridge, aeration and flow regulation technology. Flova thermostatic shower valves use Vernet thermostatic cartridges - widely regarded as the best thermostatic cartridges in the world. Vernet cartridges keep you and your family safe whilst you’re showering by keeping the water at a precise temperature and automatically shutting off the valve in a split second should the hot or cold water supply fail.

All Flova single lever taps use Kerox or Sedal ceramic cartridges. These are stringently tested and made using the finest materials. Flova 3, 4 and 5 hole taps use Fluhs ceramic cartridges. These are manufactured using the finest machinery for perfect precision.

Flova taps also come with Neoperl aerators - a German/Swiss company who are world leaders in aeration technology and flow regulation. Neoperl aerators introduce air into the water stream to create a whiter, frothier looking stream that is soft to the touch.

So, now we’ve had a look at what goes into making Flova brassware, let’s have a look at what their endeavour has produced.


Flova Cascade

The Cascade range from Flova is the epitome of modern bathroom design. The big, open waterfall spouts on all Cascade taps wouldn’t look out of place on an episode of “Grand Designs,” and with a range of basin mixers and bath fillers to choose from, you can give your home a feel of real luxury. The ‘diamond chrome’ that all Flova taps are finished in takes on special importance with the Cascade range. As so much of the spout is visible, it’s very noticeable if it becomes dirty or stained with limescale. Fortunately then, the easy clean ‘diamond chrome’ finish means that this isn’t something that you have to worry about. All Flova Cascade taps are European CE certified and come with a 10 year guarantee.

Here's a few of our top picks.

Flova Urban

The Urban range is full of sleek, edgy lines, again ideal for a modern bathroom. The Urban range features a plethora of bath and basin taps, as well as shower valves, shower heads and even a full shower kit. The only thing missing is the kitchen sink…

How about we take a look at some customer favourites?

Flova Liberty

Elegance and innovation, the Liberty range has a timeless look that encompasses highly developed technology with aesthetically pleasing form. Luxurious finishes add an element of personality to any contemporary bathroom and the striking Oil Rubbed Bronze finish certainly is hard to resist. Of course, a classic yet chic chrome finish is equally as captivating should you wish to keep in tone with a minimalist look. Ceramic disc technology also ensures drip-free performance, putting your mind at ease.

Here are our greatest hits so far.

Flova Annecy

We can’t finish without talking about the Annecy range, which makes the Cascade range look archaic, frankly.

Here are some of our top picks.

What About the Future?

Flova have teased us with a few new ranges and innovative products that they’re planning to launch in March. Whilst we don’t have exact details just yet, we do know that they will include some special finish basin taps - we’re expecting gold, bronze, black and nickel - as well as new GoClick showering technology. Be sure to check back soon to see just what they’ve come up with or follow them on Twitter for the latest news.

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