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Featured Brand: Crosswater Brassware

This month in our new Featured Brand series we aim to answer all your questions about Crosswater brassware. Keep reading for our buying tips and recommendations for this brand.

As masters in our field, we know how tough it can be to decide on the perfect bathroom taps or kitchen taps for your home. The countless brands on the market do not make your mission any easier. You need to consider the quality, price, size, design, functionality, and essentially if you can really trust the brand.

Thus, today we are proud to introduce to you a brand of brassware that knows only how to impress. They might have only been around for less than two decades, but where they lack in maturity, they make up for in creative design concepts.

First, let us step back in time and dive into a quick Crosswater history lesson.

The Crosswater Story

The topic that never made the highlights for the year 1998 was the birth of Crosswater. The founder, David Hance, established Crosswater Holdings and brought together a team of some of the best designers in Europe. The goal was to create innovative products. Products that not only impressed by design but would withstand the test of time.

The creative minds behind the brand have always been ahead of the game, constantly striving in bringing to you the most exclusive range of brassware features.

Where are Crosswater taps made, you may be wondering? Crosswater Holdings has an impressive 94 thousand square foot warehouse, located in Dartford, Kent, UK. They house over 5,000 lines of stock.

Pretty damn impressive, right?

Now you’re probably curious about the range of products Crosswater has to offer. Let's take a look...

The Crosswater Collection

Crosswater is the Prince Charming of bathroom designs. A brand that aims to impress with every product released, it truly takes unique character to be able to inspire through design year after year.

Remember, Crosswater have been doing it for nearly 20 years. And they continue to stay ahead of their competitors with their advanced manufacturing techniques, futuristic functions and sophisticated designs.

Need more help to decide? Check out our roundup of: Best Kitchen Mixer Taps 2023.

They are renowned for incorporating state of the art technology that is very notable with their range of products. The Cool Touch valves and infused showerheads are their latest inspirational ventures - most definitely in a league of their own.

Not all that interested in tap technology? Just want a visually appealing design?

Their wide range of unique and original designs will compliment any dream home. In fact, their multitude of styles and functions is what’s made Crosswater a brand unlike any other.

"This is going to cost me an arm and a leg."

As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, we all know that if you want quality - you have to pay the price. But what if we told you that this isn’t the case with Crosswater?

It is true that they use only the best materials, qualities and designs. But surprisingly, Crosswater has an extensive range of top quality products that simply won't bust your bank account.

Why Should I Consider Choosing Crosswater?

There are a ton of brands out there that claim their products are of the highest quality. However, how many of them can back up their words with a long term warranty of 15 years?

Crosswater does exactly that!

This is surely one of their greater advantages over other brands. As a customer, you have the peace of mind knowing that your product won't need repairing anytime soon.

Although we’ve mentioned this previously it definitely deserves another mention. The latest technologies and multi-function applications built into their products are purely inspiring. It’s no wonder why they are one of the leaders of the bathroom industry. Setting the bar for all other brands.

“A tap is just a tap.”

A Crosswater tap is not just a tap. It will not only provide you with running water to brush your teeth in the bathroom or wash the dishes in the kitchen, but standing alone they will instantly bring a touch of elegance to your home.

So you may ask, "Are Crosswater taps any good, or just a pretty feature"? They are more than good. These taps exceed in functionality and with their distinctive designs, their artsy presence will be the envy of all your friends and family.

Enough with the sweet talk. How about we take a look at what all the fuss is about?

The Best of the Crosswater Range

It was not easy deciding which of their many fantastic quality products to showcase to you. Nevertheless, after throwing a few tantrums and pens, the team agreed on a top 5 list.

Grab some popcorn. Snuggle up. We will now unveil the crème de la crème of this week's featured brand, Crosswater.

Cucina Cook Mono Kitchen Mixer with Dual Function Spray Head

This mixer boasts a hidden dual function spray head. Perfect for hosing down those awkward kitchen appliances such as the fruit blender. Yeah, we all love a tasty fruit smoothie in the morning. But who's going to clean the blender?

The extension spray head easily pulls out from behind the tap body. And when you are done, it effortless pulls itself back into concealment.

The chrome finished design is equipped with a swivel spout with the water flow resembling that of a shower. Complementing the simple yet sleek design is the single level control. 

The Cucina Cook is also built with the latest ceramic disc technology. Essentially this means that you will no longer have an annoying tap that drip, drip, drips all day long, something especially common in old school taps fitted with rubber washers.

Belgravia Crosshead Wall Mounted 3 Hole Bath Filler

It's bath time. You get excited. Some well-deserved alone time in the bath. You fill up the bath tub. Jump in. And guess who decided to join you? A monstrously large bath shower mixer dangling all over the place and taking up your precious headroom.

The captivating Belgravia Crosshead Wall Mounted Mixer will give you back your luxurious bathing space. You can have it positioned at the head of the bath, to the back, or even on the side wall.

However, bear in mind you have to make your decision before it is fitted. Changing your mind at a later date after installation would mean redoing your plumbing – a financial and logistical nightmare.

The Belgravia bath filler comes with two separate taps for hot and cold water, and the chrome finish will ensure that your wall mounted fixture withstands the test of time.

Similar to the Cucina Cook, the Belgravia Crosshead uses ceramic disc cartridges within its body, so say goodbye to those horror movie sounds coming from the bathroom late at night.

Cucina Design Monobloc Kitchen Mixer - Brushed Stainless Steel

You didn't think we would let you spend all day in the bathroom, did you? The Crosswater Cucina Design Monobloc Kitchen Mixer is simply beautiful. Its simplistic design allows it to be a part of any kitchen layout and the elegance that comes with its stainless steel finish is enough to serve as the focal point of your kitchen.

We’ve mentioned the chrome finish with the Cucina Cook kitchen tap so let’s get onto the stainless steel finish. Do you know the advantages of a stainless steel tap, compared to a chrome tap? The material pretty much prevents those horrible fingerprints and water marks. But if you ritually wipe down your taps after every use, the Cucina Tropic also comes in a chrome finish for those wanting a classic appearance.

Aside from good looks, this kitchen mixer does not fail to perform. Its swivel spout makes it easy for angling your spray when washing up and teaming up with it is the large single lever control. Precision control of a kitchen tap on and off couldn't be easier!

Crosswater Dial Central 2 Outlet Shower Kit

The Dial Central shower unit looks like a feature straight out of a 5-star hotel bathroom. Not only does the kit come with a fixed shower head with multiple settings, it also boasts a separate shower handset.

The function that impresses us most with the Crosswater Dial Central is its use of the latest push button technology. Two separate buttons operate the wall mounted shower head and the handheld shower. Once they’ve been turned on you can then rotate them like a dial to reach your desired water flow. How fancy is that?!

But how do you adjust the water temperature? The third, central dial controls the temperature. The intelligent thermostatic technology that’s used also means no interruptions when other taps are turned on elsewhere in your home.

The great thing about the Dial collection is that both shower outlets can be turned on at the same time, helping you cut down on the early morning bathroom queues. Get two of you in there at the same time if you're into that sort of thing!

Crosswater MPRO Accessories

By this point, you must be getting pretty damn excited about the entire Crosswater design theme. We sure are just writing and thinking about it. We figured it would only be fitting to end our featured brand highlights with some Crosswater bathroom accessories.

So behind the final curtain is the MPRO Accessories with new bronze and slate additions looking amazing! Whilst we wish we could talk about each and every one, we don’t want to bore you to bathroom death, so we’ll leave you with these three firm favourites. Think of them as luxury bathroom accoutrements to add to your designer bathroom.


Take a full look at the Crosswater range available at Tap Warehouse. From taps and showers, to mirrors, heated towel rails and more. 

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