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Why Everybody Needs An Anthracite Radiator

Welcome back to the Tap Warehouse blog where in this scintillating edition we uncover the truly stylish anthracite radiator.

These units have grown in popularity over recent years, exhibiting a shift from more traditional white and even black radiators as home interior designers become more and more adventurous in their home heating reshuffles.

What is Anthracite?

It is a fair query and we are only too happy to enlighten you.

Anthracite, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is “a coal of a hard variety that contains relatively pure carbon and burns with little flame and smoke of a dark grey colour.”

So, anthracite radiators are those dark grey radiators you’ve seen and admired in show homes or perhaps those of your slightly more progressive (aka loaded) friends. The great news is that anthracite designer radiators are now incredibly affordable and accessible by all budget levels.

Also, we should mention that anthracite radiators are only anthracite in their finish… In material, they are always aluminium or steel.

Designer Appeal of Anthracite Radiators

The rise in anthracite radiator popularity is undeniable, offering a great midpoint between black radiators and white radiators, while opening new avenues in interior design that were simply not available to the public 10 years ago.

The anthracite aesthetic is sleek and clean without being garish. Grey radiators used to be super slick contemporary design pieces straight out of a design museum – now they are available to radiator shoppers of all budgets.

You’ll also be delighted to discover their incredible value when examining the countless examples available right here on our expansive online store.

Flat Panel Anthracite Radiators

So let’s kick things off with the anthracite radiator in its simplest flat panel form. This is the most space-efficient style of anthracite radiator available, perfect for integration into any interior layout. In panel radiators, the tube carrying the hot water is surrounded by convector fins, which add a considerable boost to the heat output of the radiator whilst allowing it to maintain it’s slim, flat form. This makes panel radiators ideal for rooms where space is at a premium.

Double Panel Anthracite Radiators

Now we’re layering up with the more powerful double panel anthracite radiator, which exhibits two layers of heat panelling to achieve the same or greater levels of heat at lower levels of energy expended. What more could you want? Double panel designer radiators are best for larger rooms due to their increased heat output, as well as the speed at which they can reach your desired heat. So if you have large rooms and a need for heat to hit quick, you would do best with an anthracite double panel radiator. Whether for a lounge, basement, garage game room conversion or even shared home office, let’s share some of Tap Warehouse’s very best anthracite double panel radiators.

Column Anthracite Radiators

From oval to column, we move swiftly to designer anthracite radiators built around a different core shape. 

The column radiator is notorious to many for its tired, traditional look, when finished in white and reminding us of our old school days. Combine with a rousing anthracite finish, however, and the column radiator suddenly becomes one of the coolest looking radiator styles you can find!

Horizontal anthracite column radiators include this Hudson Reed Salvia Horizontal Double Column Radiator, which at such a fantastic price is a heavyweight anthracite unit to be considered by any DIY home heating renovator.

The Salvia combines the extremely high heat output of the traditional two column design with a shade of anthracite that really stands out. A thoroughbred, through and through.

So whether you want to go low and pro or high in style, Hudson Reed’s anthracite column radiator range have your back.

Designer or Feature Anthracite Radiators

While all the above can be classed as designer anthracite radiators, you come across pieces now and then (at least, we do when updating our stock with the world’s most exciting home heating examples) that can only be described as feature radiators.

One such anthracite feature radiator would be the Brenton Olympus Horizontal 2 Column Radiator – one of the most beautiful radiators we know of.

Its lovely column design will bring a traditional sense of style to any room its placed in and the lovely anthracite finish looks great against neutral wall colours.

More sculpture than home heating tool, it’s an incredible piece that must be seen to be believed. And honestly, most who do end up leaving with it.

This radiator is available in 6 different sizes, allowing you to customise the piece to how much space you have available. 

Boasting a truly exquisite aesthetic design, and a rather comforting 5 year manufacturer's guarantee to assure you of its stellar quality, the Fiore is one serious contender when it comes to the best anthracite radiators out there.

Anthracite Towel Radiators

When it comes to heating your bathroom, nothing will keep that endless pile of towels dry in as much style as an anthracite towel radiator. Take a look at our top anthracite heated towel rails below.

Curved Anthracite Towel Radiators

It’s good to divert from the norm now and then – that’s exactly what we see in our wonderful curved anthracite towel radiators, which have only been growing in popularity. 

The curved design enables more air to pass behind the towels, great for maximising drying speed and towel radiator efficiency.

Our favourites include the Premier Curved Anthracite Towel Rail (pictured) with its plethora of towel rails for maximum towel drying capability, available at a totally affordable price too.

This contemporary rad has a lot to offer when it comes to style, but it certainly doesn't skimp out on the practical stuff either.

With a sturdy mild steel construction and reassuring 5 year manufacturer's guarantee, you'll never doubt your trusty heated towel radiator to keep you nice and toasty.

Here to Help

We hope you enjoyed reading our foray into the world of anthracite radiators as much as we enjoyed writing it.

It may seem a wild new world but we are the masters of our own frontiers – so go ahead and explore our full range of anthracite radiators right here!

And remember, we’re always available for any advice you need – aesthetic or technical and everything between. Just reach out to our friendly customer service team here and we’ll be delighted to share our experience.

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