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Slimline Bathroom Storage: How to Make it Work in Your Space

Styling small bathrooms can be a challenge, but one that's made a lot easier due to slimline bathroom storage, which will help you to save on valuable wall and floor space.

If you're styling a small bathroom or looking for a way to utilise empty space then slimline bathroom storage is a really good option. Here we look at the options you can go for and how to use it within your space. 

Decking out your bathroom with slimline bathroom storage is a great way to make the most of your space and create a home for all of your toiletries, without cluttering up the room with bulky furniture. The right slimline pieces will not only work as a safe haven for all your bits and bobs, they will also look fashionable and elegant, without protruding too much into your limited bathroom space.

Whilst slimline storage is a great way to make the most of your furniture space, we’ve got an array of other nifty tips to help free up valuable room. Whether your bathroom area is severely limited or you’re just interested in some ultra-slim pieces to make it feel a little bigger, here’s how to make your bathroom shine - no matter what you’ve got to work with. 

Slimline Bathroom Storage

These days there’s an array of bathroom furniture specifically designed to save you space. From slimline mirrored cabinets to combined basin and toilets units; having a limited amount of space is no longer an excuse for a shabby bathroom!

Wall Mounted Vanity Units are a perfect addition to a slightly smaller bathroom. Investing in a wall-mounted unit frees up space on the floor below, creating the illusion of space whilst the beautifully modern look helps forge a minimalist, uncluttered feel.

Cloakroom Bathroom Furniture

Whilst small bathrooms can be difficult to style, cloakroom toilets can seem practically impossible! Our top tip is to keep your cloakroom as minimalist as possible. Slimline storage can look lovely in even the smallest of rooms, you just need to find the right pieces!

Combined Basin and Toilet Furniture

Combined basin and toilets units aren’t exactly the most famous bathroom feature around given their ‘all-in-one’ status which some consider a bit cheap and cheerful. What many sceptics don’t understand however, is that they are a fantastic space saver - and can look great if you style them right.

Tall Storage Units

Tall storage units are a great space saver and, contrary to belief, you don’t have to be over 6ft to make the most of them! Our selection of storage units are beautifully modern and offer an abundance of storage space to keep all your bathroom essentials tucked away. 

Corner Vanity Units

Corner vanity units are another nifty bathroom space saver, providing the perfect amount of storage for small bathrooms. And we’ve certainly got a couple of options that might take your fancy.

This Vellamo Alpine White Gloss 2 Door Corner Cabinet Unit and Ceramic Basin is our budget option.

When it comes to small bathroom storage, this unit ticks all the boxes.

It slots nicely into any bathroom corner, helping you to make the most of your space, and is finished in a high gloss white with chrome handles.

We adore the utilisation of awkward spaces here at Tap Warehouse, and the Vellamo Alpine corner unit does just that and adds some serious luxurious style in the process. Have you seen that sleek gloss white finish? 

Supplied fully rigid, this unit is totally hassle free and makes sure the only people doing the work here are Vellamo themselves. What's not to love?

With one pre-drilled tap hole, the basin tap is sold separately allowing you to customise it how you like, and it also comes with a rather comforting 5-year manufacturer's guarantee.

Slimline Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrored cabinets should be a must-have in any bathroom, and their slimline counterparts ensure you don’t have to miss out just because you’re lacking wall space. Slimline mirrored cabinets give you the best of both worlds; the stunning look of a mirrored cabinet without having to sacrifice much bathroom space – plus our options still provide a great amount of bathroom storage.

This Harbour Glow LED Mirrored Cabinet gets a firm stamp of approval from us.

It’s modern, featuring both a demister pad and shaver socket, whilst the LED lights around the outside are both mood-boosting and energy efficient.

The soft close doors prevent damage and are mirrored on both sides to make your bathroom feel even more spacious. The two adjustable glass shelves provide plenty of storage space for all your toiletries too.

There’s nothing worse than a misty mirror after a hot bath or shower, which is why we’re big fans of the heated demister pad. This ensures you can use the mirror straight away after showering, saving you both time and frustration during that early morning rush!

Better still, the contemporary LED lights are activated by an infra-red sensor which makes you feel like you’ve accidentally stepped on to the set of a Star Wars film. Effortlessly stylish if you ask us.

Shower Storage

Our final space-saving tip is to invest in some hanging and wall mounted shower shelves. Whilst a cluttered shower is a big no-no, hanging or wall mounted storage shower storage can provide a home for your shampoos and soaps without ruining the aesthetic. We’ve got a range of modern shower baskets to store all your goodies and help make your shower that little less frantic. If you’ve got a big family (or perhaps just a lot of stuff!) some of our multiple-level shower storage pieces might be the ones for you.

If you're airing on the side of wall mounted units, they're often easily removable so it’s much easier to clean and can even be put in the dishwasher! Take a peek at a few of our shower storage favourites below.

Small bathrooms are becoming easier and easier to style thanks to the array of furniture specifically designed to save space. Slimline bathroom storage is an essential when it comes to smaller bathrooms or cloakroom toilets. It helps keeps the room tidy (which will make it feel even bigger), without forcing you to sacrifice valuable floor and wall space. However you decide to style your bathroom, you can be sure that Tap Warehouse has something that will slot in neatly and look fabulous, no matter how much space you have available.

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