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Introducing: Abode Special Finish Kitchen Taps

With a huge array of designs, features and finishes, Abode kitchen taps are a great place to start when it comes to decking out your kitchen. From simple and understated, to full-blown luxury in a boutique rose gold finish - there’s a lot to choose from! Let our guide help you out.

Whilst we definitely love tap shopping more than most people, there’s a lot a good tap can bring to your kitchen. Nowadays, kitchen taps are available in a huge array of styles and finishes, and we’ve got nothing but admiration for those who find choosing a kitchen tap an easy job. 

A certain contender for the king of kitchen taps is Abode - although this hardly narrows down your options. With a huge array of designs, features and finishes, Abode kitchen taps are a great place to start when it comes to decking out your kitchen. From simple and understated, to full-blown luxury in a boutique rose gold finish - there’s a lot to choose from! Let our guide help you out.

A History of Abode

Abode kitchen taps are renowned for their quality, durability and style. Established in 2002, Abode have become one of the UK’s most sought after brands for kitchen and bathroom products. If you already own any of their products - we’re sure you can see why! Tap Warehouse have a huge range of Abode taps available, but with such a selection of options it can seem slightly overwhelming, especially if you're opting for something in different finish to what you’re used to - and custom finishes are sure to make your kitchen stand out from the rest.

What Makes Their Kitchen Taps Different?

Abode kitchen taps are generally top of most tap-enthusiasts’ Christmas list. Why? There is quite literally nothing like them on the market - in terms of finishes, features, quality and value for money.

Abode Althia Single Lever Mono Mixer Taps

The Abode Althia Single Lever Mono Mixer taps are one of our favourites by Abode. They’re stylish, slimline and understated, with just one lever used to adjust both the flow and temperature. The ceramic disc technology prevents drips and increases durability, while the flexi-tail connectors ensure easy and stress-fee installation.

Finally, the taps are space saving. The modern, slimline design frees up plenty of space around the sink and the understated design means they suit virtually any kitchen. The variety of tap finishes means you can choose the one that suits your kitchen and preference best.  All taps require a minimum of 0.75 bar water pressure. 

Let's take a look below.

Abode Aquifier Filtered Water Taps

If you feel like ‘splashing’ out on something a little more luxurious (sorry), the Abode Atlas Aquifier is a stunning choice. We don’t know about you, but we certainly don’t have the time nor the patience to wait for the cold water - plus it’s not great for the environment to have the tap running for hours on end, and the Abode Aquifier filtered water taps rids us of that stress.

This kitchen tap has two stylish and symmetrical handles, one of which will instantly dispense cold, filtered water.

The brushed nickel finish is bang on trend, making this tap an attractive and aesthetically pleasing addition to your kitchen, whilst the chrome Atlas kitchen tap option is sleek and simple. When it comes to ease of installation, this tap ticks all the boxes.

It includes an installation kit and filter cartridge, as well as ceramic disc technology to prevent trips.


Abode Pronteau Taps

Next on the list we’ve got the stunning Abode Pronteau taps, Abode’s signature range and available in either a 3-in-1 hot water or 4-in-1 hot and filtered water models. Both are excellent choices, and there’s a range of different finishes and styles to suit your kitchen.

3-in-1 Instant Hot Water Taps

There are two options for the Pronteau 3-in-1 kitchen taps, either the Prostream or Prostyle. Both are available in a wide range of beautiful finishes, and each bring a slightly different look to your kitchen.

Prostream (Curved Spout)

The Prostream 3-in-1 is a solid choice all round, available in 5 finishes. The urban copper finish makes a style statement, chrome kitchen taps are classic and minimalist, graphite will give your kitchen that designer feel while brushed nickel is effortlessly elegant. Finally, matt black kitchen taps are wonderfully eye-catching. All great choices, the only hard part is deciding which one to go for! Let's take a peek...

With the Prostream kitchen taps you can enjoy instant 98 degree filtered water at the turn of a handle - that means no more waiting around for the kettle to boil! And you needn’t worry about safety, the dual stage safety handle mechanism will ensure peace of mind, even with the kids around!

The filter features are specifically engineered for hot water applications, reducing the taste of chlorine and other nasty tastes, although we recommend replacing your Abode filter every 6-12 months.

Finally, the Prostream comes with a PROBOIL2 boiler system, an anti-splash aerator and 360-degree swivel spout. It’s worth noting this tap requires a minimum of 0.75 bar hot water pressure, and 1.5 bar cold water pressure. Like most Abode products, the tap itself comes with a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee.

Prostyle (Angular Spout)

Another from the Abode Pronteau 3-in-1 range is the Prostyle which boasts all the features of the Prostream and is available in a choice of 5 beautiful finishes. Make the seemingly impossible decision of choosing between a brushed nickel, urban copper, matt black, chrome or graphite

Varying slightly in design to the Prostream, the Prostyle offers a slightly more modern look, although it can be styled to suit virtually any style of kitchen.


4-in-1 Instant Hot and Filtered Water Taps

If you’re after something even more luxurious, and have the money to spend on a truly top-end tap, look no further than the Abode Pronteau 4-in-1 instant hot and filtered water taps. Available in three different styles, the Profile, Province and the Project, and a range of finishes, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to doing your kitchen proud. Sure, these taps aren’t cheap, but once you experience everything they have to offer, we doubt you’ll regret the purchase!

So, what’s so great about 4-in-1 taps? Well, these taps deliver not only domestic hot and cold, but also ambient and 80-89 degree filtered water. They have all the luxuries of the other Abode taps on this list, plus a lot more. All taps come with a 5-year guarantee and require 0.5 bar water pressure.

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