Bringing the Outside In: Achieving a Summertime Bathroom

From cute little cactus pots to liven up your desk, to enormous tropical plants that transform your living room into a miniature version of the Amazon rainforest, bringing the outside in is not only great for your mood, it’s also bang on trend. And now, it’s the turn of the bathroom. 

Bringing the Outside In - What on Earth are We on About? 

We all know the benefits of getting out and about in nature, but these benefits can also be had with just a few minor bathroom tweaks (or if you’re really keen, a full transformation!). Spruce up your bathroom for summer with greenery, natural colours and patterns, and a range of different textures. It’s the best way to give your bathroom that spa like feeling - and you don’t have to spend a whole load in the process. 

Ready to add some sunshine and nature to your home? Check out our top product picks, as well as some of our favourite natural bathroom ideas. 

Let’s Start with the Plants

Seriously Stylish Spider Plants

While the last thing you want in your bathroom is something with the word ‘spider’ in it, these beauties are as far from our 8 legged friends as you can get. Spider plants look beautiful in a well-lit room, and have a whole range of benefits for your physical and mental health. They remove carbon monoxide from the air so they’re beneficial even in the steamiest of bathrooms. 


Don’t fancy yourself as much of a gardener? These do take a little maintenance (watering a couple of times a week) and they need to be in medium light, so if you’re after a bathroom plant you can forget about, you might want an aloe vera or snake plant instead!

The Queen of Succulents: Aloe Vera

If you’re looking at the spider plants thinking that you’ll struggle to keep even a cactus alive, an aloe vera plant might be more suited to you. These beautiful plants are difficult to kill (not that we’ve tried) which make them perfect if you need a gentle introduction to plant ownership!


Aloe Vera plants are great to look at and have a range of healing properties - including soothing cuts, rashes, and pesky sunburn. They’re also very low maintenance - happy in humid bathrooms and just needing one water each week in the summer. 

Sassy Snake Plants

Brighten your bathroom with a snake plant if you don’t have much natural light. These can survive in low light conditions and require very little water in bathrooms, as the air is usually humid enough to keep them healthy. Snake plants, like aloe vera, are seriously easy to maintain and look great in smaller bathrooms or ensuites. 


Fancy filling your bathroom with pretty greenery and turning it into a peaceful, rainforest-inspired paradise? Our friends over at Drench have put together a blog with their top plants for bathrooms, complete with all you need to know about keeping them alive and healthy. Check it out here

Natural Woods

If you want to take your natural bathroom design to the next level, you need some light and dark woods. These channel the outdoors perfectly and help create that peaceful environment we all know and love - a far cry from artificial flavourings, iPhone notifications and 9am Monday morning meetings! 

Check out some of our favourite beautiful vanity units that encompass those natural finishes perfectly below.

Harbour Clarity 1200mm Wall Mounted Double Basin Vanity Unit - Light Oak (LEFT)

Enjoy a bright, natural exterior that’ll have your bathroom looking modern and fresh. This Harbour Clarity Unit hangs on your bathroom wall as if by magic, and comes complete with a large double basin, soft closing drawers and plenty of storage. The natural oak finish will never go out of style. 

Harbour Clarity 600mm Floorstanding Vanity Unit & Basin - Graphite Oak (CENTRE)

If you’re after a darker look or you’re a fan of monochrome style, the Harbour Clarity in graphite oak is the perfect bathroom unit. This is beautifully natural looking and timelessly stylish, complete with 2 soft-closing and spacious drawers. The handleless design gives it that seamless and contemporary finish, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

Drench Emily 500mm Wall Mounted 2 Drawer Vanity Unit and Countertop - Driftwood (RIGHT)

More into BBQs on the beach than picnics in the woods? The Harbour Clarity Vanity Unit and Basin will bring some beachy vibes to your bathroom, and looks great with both light and dark decor. Pair with a luxurious aloe plant and you’ve got yourself something seriously special. This too has soft close drawers, a wall hung design and hard-wearing ceramic basin. 

Rainfall Shower Heads

Ah, the rainfall shower head! Feel as though you’re in the midst of the Amazon rainforest with these beauties - minus the creepy crawlies and wild animals! These are seriously luxurious and  a long soak under a rainfall shower head has the magical ability to transform your morning from zero to hero!

Our favourites? The Vellamo Thermostatic Black Shower Tower is up there thanks to its seriously modern look and invigorating rainfall feeling. Choose from either the black or white finishes. The Crosswater MPRO is another strong contender, with the brushed brass finish bringing some lightness to your bathroom. This can be paired with taps and valves in the same colour for the ultimate contemporary look - take a look at these three below.

Magical Waterfall Taps

Waterfall taps are a small but effective touch when it comes to natural bathroom design. The cascading water is beautiful to look at, giving your bathroom that spa-like feel while making washing your hands a moment of peace and quiet - as opposed to a chore! 

We have a huge range of stunning waterfall taps available just waiting to be paired with a natural vanity unit or sink. Check them out right here, and have a look at a few of our favourites below.

Exotic Walls - Go All Out (Doorsy) 

Get even closer to nature with some exotic leaf patterns or tropical wallpapers. If you fancy going all out, the whole interior can be covered, or if you’d like to keep things a little more understated, opt for just a feature wall. 


We love the images above but, if you’re not quite ready for the full commitment and you want something minimalist, Desenio is the place for you. Their stunning leaf prints will turn heads in the best way possible.

Shower Trays (for natural days) 

It’s not all about the bathroom plants when it comes to bringing the outdoors in; natural stone bathroom design is seriously trendy and brings some luxury to the room. Stone shower trays coupled with a rainfall shower head will have you feeling as though you’re showering under a waterfall - and what a way to start the day that would be!

Let's take a peek at some of our greatest hits below.

Some Luxurious Lighting

Illuminated mirrors will add a natural glow to your bathroom, while making getting ready in the morning a pleasant experience - as opposed to one you dread! Luxurious lighting will open up your bathroom even once the sun’s gone down, and are one of the best ways to bring your natural bathroom to life. 

Let's take a peek at some of our best sellers below.

As Natural as They Come

Enjoyed our top tips for transforming your bathroom into an outdoorsy haven? Get closer to nature with some of our bathroom ideas and products, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you have. We love hearing your natural bathroom design ideas - please let us know if you have any top tips of your own! 

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