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Bathroom Lighting Ideas and Advice

Lighting is a key factor in any bathroom, so we have created this guide in order to help you find the correct style of lighting needed your bathroom.

From applying your makeup to brushing your teeth, there are plenty of things that we do in the bathroom that requires clear visibility. Lighting is a key consideration in the bathroom. Not only does it give clarity of vision, it helps to set the ambience of the bathroom. In order to help you create your desired ambience, we have put together a collection of bathroom lighting ideas with a little bit of advice thrown in along the way.


Choices of Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lights are available in a range of formats and are often defined by three main types; ambient, task and accent.

Ambient lighting is lighting that takes the place of daylight.

Task lighting highlights practical areas of the bathroom such as the mirror where you brush your teeth or apply make-up.

Accent lighting lends texture and highlights special features of the bathroom.

As mentioned previously, bathroom lights are about sensuality and practicality, so combine soft with bright lights. The latter should appear in the main ceiling light and illuminated cabinets, while the former is perfect for down lights and other mood lighting.


Wall Lights

Here is why wall lights are a great idea and an ideal solution for the bathroom:

  • They allow a subtle amount of soft light to pour in, creating a mellow ambience.

  • Can be used to illuminate corners and alcoves.

  • Can be used to highlight above a mirror or above a bath.

Wall lights tend to be operated in two ways, either wired into the mains and come on when you pull the main light switch, or they're wired independently and you turn them on with an individual pull cord.


Ceiling Lights

It would be a good idea to install a ceiling light fixture, as this provides a good amount of ambient light.

  • They must be installed well away from water and protected by shielding which is what makes enclosed and flush lighting ideal for the bathroom.
  • They are sealed and can withstand condensation.
  • Flush light fittings are available in a range of modern and traditional designs with clear or frosted glass.
  • Ideal for task and accent lighting.

A horizontal bar with a pair of spotlights give you the benefit of having a single fitting that holds a number of light sources, and is a great idea if you want to create a brighter room or a ceiling feature. They also offer you useful task lighting when fitted over a mirror.

Let's take a look at a few of our favourites...


Recessed Lights / Down lights

Recessed lights also known as down lights are an unobtrusive and affordable way to light a bathroom, as they offer high levels of illumination.

Down lights are a good idea to have around the shower but you can also find semi-flush and flush fittings that add delicate lighting around the ceiling, walls and floor. A good idea to give your bathroom even more illumination is to include lights in your tiles, and this will give you the perfect effect if you are after a stylish bathroom design. Down lights are available in a range of finishes including white and polished chrome.

When choosing where to position strategic lighting, remember your bath and shower areas are as important as any other unit. Strategically placed lighting around these areas can provide an interesting background and highlight the focal points of your bathroom.

Ambient Effects

Placing spotlights in recessed areas of the bathroom is another great idea and way to create a focal point.

If you are concerned about flooding your bathroom with light, you could always install a dimmer switch just make sure you have at least two switches - one at the door and one near the bath, or shower area to allow you to adjust the lights from all areas of the room.

Over Mirror or Shaver Lights

Over mirror and shaver light fittings feature a shaver socket in one end, and they often have a pull cord so you switch them on only when you need them. The're long, slim and give bright task lighting.

Here's a look at some of our best mirror / shaver lights...


Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Who says you need a separate light to make things more ambient in your bathroom? Illuminated bathrooms are highly practical and they look stunning.

Fancy taking a peek at some of our top picks?


Safety Advice for Bathroom Lighting

As we all know, water and electricity do not mix, so your safety is imperative. To make it simple in choosing the correct and safest type for you, lighting for bathrooms or wet areas have been sorted into electrical safety zones. Read more in our Bathroom Zones Explained article.

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