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How to Easily Fit a Bath Screen

Bath shower screens are a more hygienic and modern alternative to shower curtains, are easier to clean and are better at preventing puddles of water around your bath. It is pretty easy to fit a shower screen if you have two people to complete the job and all the right tools available. Here is our step by step guide for how to easily fit a shower screen yourself.

What are the Different Types of Bath Screens?

The most popular type of bath screen is a single panel hinged screen, which is what this guide is focusing on. Other types of screens include double panel, triple panel and four-fold panel screens that can be tucked neatly away. Double, triple and four-fold panels can be installed by following the manufacturer's instructions, by fitting each panel to the one before using the same process.

Here at Tap Warehouse, we offer a selection of bath screens including curved, crittall styles and mini screens, and all of these are hinged to allow for easy access.

Tools Needed

The tools you need to fit a single panel bath shower screen are:

  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape
  • Electric drill
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammer
  • Sealant gun

Installing a Shower Screen

Bath screens can cost between £50 to £250 depending on the size and design but getting one professionally installed can cost between £100 to £300, so many people prefer to fit one themselves by following a guide. Follow the steps below to learn how to do this yourself!

1. Check for Existing Pipework

It’s essential that you use a detector to check for any pipes or cables near where you’ll be drilling. If you’re all clear, go straight to step 2.

2. Place the Channel on the Wall

Bath shower screens will come intact with a wall channel (sometimes known as a u-channel) which is used to mount them to the wall easily, holding the panel in place. First, position the wall channel around 15mm to the edge of your bath, ensuring you have enough space for the panel to sit on the outer edge.

Using a spirit level, make sure the channel is straight against the wall, and mark where the holes go with a pencil ready for drilling. Top tip: cover these marks with masking tape to prevent your drill from skidding on the tile.

3. Drill the Holes 

Firstly, check your water is turned off before drilling to prevent any disasters! Next, drill into the wall where you marked the holes and place wall plugs into the holes, ideally past the depth of the tile.

4. Attach the Channel to the Wall

Once the holes are made, you can now secure the wall channel to the wall. You’ll also need to seal the bottom of the channel to the bath using sealant to prevent this from slipping.

How to Fit a Bath Screen

5. Place the Bath Screen into the Channel

Top tip: it’s a good idea to get two people to do this job as the glass panels can be heavy! 

Place the screen into the wall channel so it sits comfortably on the bath and hold it in place while you drill the final holes to attach it to the channel.

6. Fit the Screen Seal onto the Bath Screen

Your bath screen will come with a rubber or metal seal, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions to attach the seal to the bottom of the bath screen.

If you’re fitting a curved shower screen seal, you'll need to push the seal onto the glass at the wall end, slide it right up the edge then push the seal up onto the glass all the way around the curve. 

7. Install Handles on the Screen

If your bath screen comes with handles, you can fit these to your bath screen now by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

8. Apply the Sealant

Finally, you’ll need to use a sealant gun around the edges of the wall channel to ensure that everything is watertight, then leave everything to dry for at least 24 hours before use.

We hope we have successfully demonstrated how to complete this task yourself without having to call out a professional! We have a great range of bath screens and showers to help you find the perfect fit for your bathroom. If you're looking for more DIY inspiration, check out our guide for how to fit a bath panel.

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