Comparing the Different Shades of Grey and Black Granite Kitchen Sinks

Find out exactly how Concrete, Graphite and Horizon Grey all differ and whether Volcanic Black will suit your kitchen's style.

We know that the idea of choosing something online based solely on a couple of pictures can be pretty daunting. There’s nothing more irritating than spending hours researching, wading through products and finally picking the one you want for it to turn up and be a completely different colour to what you expected. And then there’s the rigmarole of returning or exchanging it, something that can cause a few problems when it comes to kitchen sinks. The last thing you want is arranging and paying for a fitter to come only to realise that you don’t actually have the kitchen sink you want when they arrive. Nightmare.

So that’s why we’ve put together this guide for you. Featuring true-to-colour samples of our most popular grey and black granite kitchen sinks, this will help you distinguish the difference between the finishes and give you assurance that what you see is what you get. 


1. Astracast Concrete Grey

The lightest and most matte of our shades of grey, Astracast’s Concrete Grey finish is wonderfully contemporary and perfectly suited for kitchens needing both style and sustenance. A simply stunning finish that works fantastically with darker grey wooden units, clean whites or neutral stones. It’s available in a range of 1 and 1.5 bowl sinks - both of which measure 980 x 500mm - the most popular of which is the Astracast 1 Bowl Concrete Grey Granite ROK Composite Sink.


Astracast Concrete Grey Kitchen Sink


2. Vellamo Horizon Grey

A slightly darker shade of grey than Concrete, Horizon Grey is a light to medium colour gradient that is exclusive to Vellamo kitchen sinks. Place this within any modern kitchen setting for a stylish and minimalist look that will stand the test of time. The Vellamo Horizon Large Single Bowl Grey Granite Composite Kitchen Sink is one of our most popular right now and a firm favourite of ours too. Vellamo Horizon sinks are available in three configurations - there is the large single bowl and 1.5 bowl which measure 1000 x 500mm, and a compact single bowl sink which is 860 x 500mm

3. Reginox Titanium Grey

Titanium Grey is a finish from Reginox that can be definitely placed within the medium grey category. A solid and contemporary shade, it works well with medium woods and lighter stones within a modern surrounding. Titanium Grey - like the Horizon Grey - is available as a finish across a wide collection of one and one-and-a-half bowl sinks such as the Reginox Ego 1.5 Bowl Titanium Grey Granite Composite Kitchen Sink. The large single bowl sinks and 1.5 bowl sinks measure 1000 x 500mm, whilst the compact single bowl measures 860 x 500mm.

4. Rangemaster Grey

Distinctly different from the other grey shades, Rangemaster's grey finish has a far more marbled effect and darker grey speckle throughout. This colouring is ideal for contemporary spaces that would benefit from a stylish kitchen sink that looks a little different from the rest, as shown with the Rangemaster Lunar 1 Bowl Neo-Rock Grey Sink & Waste Kit and its spectacularly fluid design. The Rangemaster Lunar is available in 1 and 1.5 bowl configurations, both of which measure 985 x 508mm.

5. Astracast Graphite Grey

A smidgen darker than Titanium Grey, Astracast’s Graphite Grey finish is their mid-range grey that can be paired with a huge variety of light and dark colours given its neutral tone. The Dart ROK Graphite Grey Granite 1.5 Bowl Kitchen Sink is a hugely popular choice for those creating a stylish, contemporary space. It is also available with just a single bowl and measures the same 860 x 500mm as the 1.5 bowl option.


Astracast Graphite Grey Kitchen Sink


6. Rangemaster Black

Rangemaster's Black finish is noticeably different to the rest, most significantly due to the marble effect they use instead of the subtle metallic fleck found elsewhere. This gives Rangemaster's sinks a far more distinct style and sets them up to work wonderfully with contemporary brassware and kitchen fittings. The Rangemaster Cubix 1.5 Bowl Neo-Rock Black Granite Sink & Waste Kit is definitely worth checking out when deciding which shade is best for you. It also comes in a single bowl option which measures the same 985 x 508mm as the 1.5 bowl Cubix.

7. Astracast Volcanic Black

Volcanic Black is a smart and modern finish from Astracast with subtle metallic flecks. Available across Astracast’s complete collection of kitchen sinks, the 1.5 Bowl Volcanic Black Granite ROK Composite Sink is perhaps one of the most sophisticated darker coloured sinks around today, as well as one of our best sellers. It is also available with just a single bowl and measures the same 980 x 500mm as the 1.5 bowl sink. 


Astracast Volcanic Black Kitchen Sink


8. Reginox Black

Indistinguishable from Volcanic Black, Reginox’s black finish is a solid contemporary choice for any kitchen and can be chosen for any of their sinks. The Ego 475 1.5 Bowl Black Granite Kitchen Sink looks unquestionably fantastic and is hugely popular with modern interior designers at the moment, for good reason too.



9. Vellamo Horizon Black

Astracast, Reginox and Vellamo’s black finishes are all  and they’re all certainly very similar in tone and gradient. The Horizon 1.5 Bowl Black Granite Composite Kitchen Sink from Vellamo is a wonderful choice for neutral yet cutting-edge designer spaces.


Vellamo Horizon Black Kitchen Sink