10 of the Best Waterfall Taps

Have a look through our list of the 10 best waterfall taps on sale here at Tap Warehouse. We have a selection of budget price basin mixers, as well as some more extravagant floor standing bath shower mixers.

There’s something about a top 10 list that we the British public love. Whether it’s our top 10 songs, films, foods or cars, there’s almost nothing that we can’t rank. Maybe it has something to do with our love of queues, or vice versa. We all have lists for the obvious things, but how about your top 10 waterfall taps? No?! Admittedly, here at Tap Warehouse HQ we probably see a lot more taps than you (and put a lot more thought into ranking them) so it’s only natural that we do have a top 10, but fear not, for in this blog it shall be shared with you. We’ll have everything from basin to bath taps; cheap to less cheap; and floor standing to wall mounted.

So, let us begin at the cheaper end of the scale with 5 taps that you can buy and have delivered the next working day for less than £75.*

Vellamo Reve Waterfall Basin Mixer Tap

 Vellamo Reve Waterfall Mono Basin Mixer

There’s only one place to start, and that’s with the Vellamo Reve mono basin mixer - our best-selling waterfall tap. But that’s not its only claim to fame; it’s by far and away our best-selling bathroom tap. When you consider that we have over 2000 taps, that’s quite an accolade, although at under £50, it’s not hard to see why. The angular design and open waterfall spout lend itself to any modern bathroom, but let’s forget about that. All you need to know is that it’s a fantastic tap with unanimous 5* reviews and a lengthy 10 year guarantee.

The Vellamo Reve basin mixer is just one part of the best-selling Reve range of bathroom taps, all of which offer the same contemporary open spout design and fantastic value for money.

Vellamo City Waterfall Basin Mixer Tap

 Vellamo City Waterfall Basin Mixer

Like the Vellamo Reve before it, the Vellamo City mono basin mixer comes with a 10 year guarantee and a price tag that is as shocking as realising that Natalie Imbruglia’s version of ‘Torn’ is actually a cover. Its design shares many similarities with the Reve, though the gently curved and closed waterfall spout give it a slightly softer look – ideal for bathrooms with warmer, natural colours. The City mono basin mixer is part of the best-selling Vellamo City range of bathroom taps.

Vellamo Venta Waterfall Basin Mixer Tap

 Vellamo Venta Waterfall Mono Basin Mixer

The Vellamo Venta waterfall basin mixer features the same open spout design as the Vellamo Reve but with a curved body and softer edges on the spout and handle. The softer look, allied with the water cascading out of the open spout, gives it a very calming influence in your bathroom. The Venta uses the latest ceramic disc technology which ensures no more drips, and as ever, there is an entire range of Vellamo Venta bathroom taps to coordinate all the taps in your bathroom.

Vellamo Reve LED Waterfall Mono Basin Mixer

Vellamo Reve LED Waterfall Mono Basin Mixer 

There’s one tap that we couldn’t leave off this list because it’s so different to the rest – and also because it deserves to be on this list in its own right. That tap is the Vellamo Reve LED mono basin mixer; the tap for when a ‘normal’ open waterfall spout isn’t quite enough. The LEDs on the Reve may look a bit ostentatious to some, but they’re not just for show; there’s a safety element as well. When the water is cold, the lights will be blue; for lukewarm water, they’ll be clear; and for hot water, they flash red. Of course, on top of all this safety and style, you still get ceramic disc technology, an easy to use single lever and a lengthy 5 year guarantee. And let’s not forget, you get an LED tap, and who doesn’t want one of those?!

Mayfair Zoe Waterfall Bath Filler

 Mayfair Zoe Waterfall Bath Filler

The Mayfair Zoe waterfall bath filler is very restrained. You may get an open waterfall spout which you’ll likely spend a lot longer than you’ll care to admit watching the water flow out of, but the tap itself is very understated. Please note: we can’t take responsibility for any increase in your water bills! The rest of the tap is made up of very gentle curves that’ll suit any modern bathroom, but which also wouldn’t look too out of place in a traditional one. The Zoe bath filler comes from Mayfair – one of the UK’s leading brassware designers – and they provide a 10 year guarantee.

Now let’s have a look at some of the more extravagant waterfall taps that we sell, though if you don’t agree with our selections or would rather make your own mind up - your own top 10 if you like - be sure to check out all 175 of our waterfall taps.

Crosswater Water Circle Wall Mounted Basin Tap

Crosswater Water Circle Wall Mounted Waterfall Basin Mixer

The Crosswater Water Circle range was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Water Square range, and we can only hope that they weren’t sitting on the design for 10 years because it’s quite frankly a masterpiece that we can’t recommend enough. Whilst there is a mono basin mixer available, our favourite is the Water Circle wall mounted basin mixer which combines perfectly with any countertop basin to create a luxury look and feel in your bathroom.


Flova Annecy Waterfall Mono Basin Mixer

Flova Annecy waterfall mono basin mixer

Normally with a waterfall tap, it’s the waterfall spout itself that draws the attention. Well that’s certainly not the case with the Flova Annecy waterfall basin mixer. The flat, slender spout is as eye-catching as it is modern, and if you want your bathroom to be the envy of all your guests, no other basin tap will do.

Crosswater Love Me Waterfall Mono Basin Mixer

 Crosswater Love Me Waterfall Mono Basin Mixer

This is Crosswater’s second appearance in the top 10, and quite frankly, they could have taken all 10 spots, but in the interests of fairness, we shall limit them to just the two. The Love Me mono basin mixer is similar to many other waterfall taps, so why does it make the list? Take a second look at it and you’ll notice that something is a little bit different... the position and design of the single lever. We like different here at Tap Warehouse; we don’t want everyone’s bathroom to look the same; your bathroom should be unique to you, and with the Crosswater Love Me, it almost certainly will be.

Hudson Reed Waterfall Floor Standing Bath Shower Mixer

 Hudson Reed Waterfall Floor Standing Bath Shower Mixer with Shower Kit

If you want your bathroom to stand out, the one thing better than a waterfall tap is a floor standing waterfall tap. When it comes to floor standing waterfall taps, the Hudson Reed floor standing waterfall tap is the first one that comes to mind. Much like the Flova Annecy that we saw earlier, it has a flat, slender spout and is the epitome of cool, modern styling. Backed by a comprehensive 20 year guarantee from Hudson Reed, it may be the priciest of the options here, but over the course of 20 years that works out at only £25 per year!

Vellamo Image Floor Standing Waterfall Bath Shower Mixer

 Vellamo Image Floor Standing Bath Shower Mixer with Shower Kit

The second (and final) of our floor standing waterfall bath taps may not have the flair of the Hudson Reed that we’ve just seen, but it’s made its way into this list for a reason. The Vellamo Image floorstanding waterfall tap is a more traditional design - if there is such a thing – and its large open spout, modern, angular design and bargain price make it our best-selling floor standing waterfall tap.

So, that concludes our top 10 waterfall taps. Unfortunately, there are many great taps that we’ve had to leave out of this list; it could quite easily have been a top 40 or 50 and no offence will be taken if you want to have a look at our whole collection of waterfall taps and come up with a completely different top 10 to us. But all that’s left to say is, thank you for reading and please feel free to leave any comments below.


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