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How To Keep Dogs Cool

Keeping your dogs cool in the hot weather is vital, and there are many cheap and easy ways to keep dogs, cats and other pets cool during the summer. We’ve put together some pet care tips, so you can enjoy the sun and not have to worry about your pets overheating.

9 Ways to Keep Your Dogs Cool in Summer

1. Cooling Mats

There are countless cooling mats on the market available for your dogs. Pets at Home have various cooling mats, many of which are self cooling, meaning there's no need to fill them up with water or freeze. Cooling mats and vests will keep your furry friends comfortable throughout the summer months.

2. Wet Towels

If you're looking for a more cost effective option, try wetting or freezing some towels for your pooch to lie on, or alternatively nibble on, as this will have a cooing, calming effect. Paper towels will work just as well - simply freeze a few sheets and have your pet lie on them to cool them down.

3. Take Water on Walks

It's essential to keep your pets hydrated all year round, but especially in the summer. There are many collapsible dog bowls on the market to give your pup water on the go, and most outside restaurants and pubs will have dog bowls ready and waiting.

Dog with a water bottle

4. Cooling Toys and Collars

There are countless freezable toys on the market, such as B&M's Ice Cream Cooling Toy which is a fun way to cool your dog down during the warm weather. These toys are also good for teething. Cooling collars are also a great option for keeping your pets calm and relaxed, and many have self cooling technology so there's no need to refrigerate or freeze the collar. 

5. Dog Showers

Showers specifically for dogs and pets have become increasingly popular in many UK homes. Having a dedicated area to wash your pups in is a great way to cool them down and also keep them clean! We have plenty of suitable shower rail kits that will be perfect for your own dog shower. We spoke to Zoe from @homestuffonly who has installed a dog shower herself. She said: 

"The dog shower is the best modification we've made to our home, it's so easy to use and keep clean! My dogs run until they're exhausted, so getting them home and into a tepid shower cools them down quickly in the summer time. I like a clean house so my dogs are showered once a week but it also doubles up as the perfect spot to water the houseplants too!"

6. Trim Their Fur

Having your pets groomed in the summer can make their hair more manageable and also cool them down. Be wary not to cut your dog's hair too short and always go to a professional for this service, as cutting the hair too short can actually cause sunburn and overheating.

7. Frozen Treats & Ice Cubes

Why not try freezing a few dog treats or bones for your pets to play with? You can also add ice cubes in your dog's water bowl, or simply give them a few to chew on. It's a fun activity for them and will also help them to cool down and hydrate.

8. Walk in Wooded Areas

It's important to walk your dog at the cooler times of day to avoid peak sunlight. Walk along shaded areas and wooded paths to ensure there is enough shade and cool ground for your dog to walk on. To test to heat of the road, place your hand on the tarmac outside and if you can’t keep it there for long, it’s too hot to walk your dog. 

9. Cooling Sprays

Keep your pets cool with a spray bottle filled with cold water and gently spray over their body and feet. This will give a cooling effect and relax your pets as some can get distressed when they overheat.

We hope this list of ways to keep your dogs cool in the heat has given you some useful ideas to try at home. It's important to take care of our dogs all year round, but especially during the summer to keep them safe, comfortable and happy.

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