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Featured Brand: Reginox

In the latest post in our new Featured Brand series, we shall be taking a more in depth look at Reginox - the Dutch masters of design and innovation. We'll discover how they can help to transform your kitchen, as well as taking a closer look at some of their finest wares.

This month in our Featured Brand series, we shall be focusing on Reginox - the Dutch masters of stainless steel and granite composite sink design. As we shall discover though, there are many more strings to their bow, including ingenious and award-winning innovations to make your life easier.

Reginox - A Brief History

A Dutch company founded in 1976, Reginox have over 40 years experience in the kitchen market. Their base in located in Rijssen in the eastern part of the Netherlands, and it is from there that they design, develop and manufacture their vast array of stainless steel kitchen sinks. Their glorious selection of granite composite kitchen sinks are designed and made in Italy, which would of course explain why they’re so stylish!

As a respected and forward thinking company, Reginox’s duty of care to its staff and the environment is just as important as the products that they sell. As a company, they are FSC certified and 70% of their sinks are made from recycled steel. They also focus on being as energy-saving as possible.

Their motto, “The crown on your kitchen,” couldn’t be more apt, and whilst we would never show bias towards one manufacturer, the sheer quality of their products and service that we (and our customers) receive from Reginox makes it very hard not to recommend them.

Reginox Stainless Steel Sinks

Reginox are perhaps best known for their stainless steel sinks, and with over 80 on sale here at Tap Warehouse, you’re certainly not short of options. Whether you’re looking for top mount or undermount; single bowl or double bowl; budget or premium; there is something in the   for all.

We’ve already heard that Reginox care about their customer’s and that care starts even before you become a customer! To make sure that they produce the best stainless steel sinks possible, and to increase the durability and quality of their sinks, the main bowls on all Reginox stainless steel sinks are pressed, not welded, giving a better, longer-lasting finish. So much so in fact that all Reginox stainless steel sinks come with a lifetime guarantee as standard.

To keep your Reginox stainless steel sink looking at its best, we recommend regular cleaning with Reginox’s own Inox Care - the best way to keep your sink’s lustre.

Reginox Granite Composite Sinks

Reginox’s composite granite sinks are made in the style capital of the world - Italy. Whilst perhaps you’ve never looked at a kitchen sink before and thought that it was anything more than somewhere to wash dishes, with the Reginox granite sink range, you’ll actually find yourself staring at your sink because of how good it looks.

Granite sinks are becoming ever more popular, and with the value for money that the Reginox range offers, it’s not hard to see why. Reginox granite sinks are available in 4 distinct colours - ghisa black, titanium grey, antico cream and titano white.

    • Reginox Ego Granite Composite Sink & Waste Kit - This one was actually an easy pick, as not only is it our favourite Reginox granite sink, but our favourite granite sink full stop. The unique curved nature of the 1.5 bowl sink makes it as stylish as it is practical, and of course because it’s a Reginox granite sink, it’s available in 4 finishes and can cope with just about anything.
    • Reginox Quadra Undermount Sink & Waste Kit - Undermounting your kitchen sink is a great way to increase the amount of working space in your kitchen. The Reginox Quadra range is available in 4 sizes, all of which share the same stylish design and 10 year guarantee from Reginox
    • Reginox Tekno Granite Composite Sink & Waste Kit - The Tekno is Reginox’s ‘entry level’ granite sink, though this really does it an injustice. It is designed and made by exactly the same people that created the Ego and Quadra, and includes a 10 year guarantee.

Reginox Ceramic Sinks

Reginox’s range of ceramic sinks may only be small, but within the range there are some beautiful sinks. One such sink is the Reginox Tuscany 1.5 bowl undermount sink. The Tuscany - like all great ceramic sinks - is incredibly tough and easy to wipe clean. The undermount design makes it ideal for smaller spaces and for those that don’t want/need a draining board. There is also the Reginox Mataro undermount sink which is just like the Tuscany, but is a single bowl design instead of the 1.5 bowl.

Reginox also make a ceramic Belfast sink, as well as a top mounted 1 and 1.5 bowl sink that are available in the classic gloss white finish, or a more striking gloss black finish. All Reginox ceramic sinks come with a 10 year guarantee.

Reginox - Innovation Personified

It isn’t just in kitchen sink design where Reginox excel; one of their finest creations is actually just a bit of pipework - although putting it like that is doing them quite the disservice. The Reginox Panama is an award-winning bit of pipework which gives you back the space underneath your kitchen sink. Traditionally, the cupboard under your sink is pretty much just a cupboard to hold your U-bend, but with the Panama installed, it can actually be a kitchen cupboard again.

The Panama has an integrated rubber valve which replaces the trap, and it is the weight of the water which opens the valve. Once the water stops, the valve closes meaning that no water or foul smells can make there way back up into your kitchen. The Panama has a universal fitting and can be used on any sink, whether new or pre-installed.

Reginox Kitchen Taps

So as we’ve seen, Reginox’s product portfolio ranges from the beautiful Ego granite composite sinks, to the innovative Panama space-saving syphon, right through to their helpful range of kitchen accessories and sink cleaners.

What Does the Future Hold?

Will they delight us with a new range of granite kitchen sinks? Will we get more award-winning innovation like the Panama? Or can we expect more high quality, eco-friendly stainless steel sinks? Unfortunately we don’t have any inside information on what Reginox are going to bring us next, but if the quality is anything like their current portfolio, we know it’s going to be worth the wait.

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