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How To Clean Your Black Taps

So, your perfect minimalist bathroom is complete. Your high-tech power shower has been installed, the toilet looks like it could have been pulled from a Scandinavian interior design magazine, and the matt black taps are the perfect touch of glamour against the bright white fixtures. Relax, breathe a sigh of relief! The hard work is over. Right?

Wrong! You may know how to style the perfect bathroom or kitchen with some sophisticated and stylish matt black taps, but if you want to keep it looking catalogue worthy, you’ll also need to know how to clean it. Unknown to many, matt black taps require more than the classic ‘spray with the first cleaner you find and wipe down’ job you can get away with using on some less-delicate surfaces - although we don’t recommend doing this with any surface or tap to be honest!

Of course, knowing how to clean your matt black taps isn’t a life or death piece of wisdom. Many people go through life with matt black taps totally oblivious to that fact that some cleaners don’t work - and their taps live to tell the tale. Others are not quite so lucky. One scrub with the wrong chemical based cleaner and your black taps can look damaged, discoloured and lose that stunning finish you’ve likely dreamed of for years.

Why is Cleaning Matt Black Taps Different?

Extra care must be taken when it comes to cleaning your matt black taps because of the processes that are in place to create that stunning modern matt black look. Due to their sleek finish, matt black taps are more sensitive than some other tap finishes, and picking up the first cleaner you see in your local supermarket isn’t the best option.

Each brand will have their own approach for creating that matt black finish, with most using electroplating or PVD.



Electroplating involves taking a water-based paint solution at atomic level and, using an electric current, converting it into a very thin film coating. Or, to put it more simply, it’s what many brands use to make their bathroom accessories and fixtures black! This method is durable and helps your black taps stand up to wear and tear, but care does need to be taken when cleaning.


PVD is another way of making beautiful matt black taps. Standing for physical vapour deposition, PVD is becoming more popular with some brands. It involves using a vacuum to layer a thin film across metal taps.

The matt black finish is created and applied by a vacuum as a thin film to the tap. It’s said to be more effective and resilient than electroplating, so is becoming more popular amongst the bigger bathroom brands.

Wear and Tear

Despite the quality of these finishes, black taps can still suffer under harsh chemical cleaners. The finish may become dull or worn through completely. That’s why it’s important that, no matter how the finish is applied, you learn to care for and clean your matt black taps properly.

Abrasive scourers or anything with a remotely ‘scratchy’ feel to it is most certainly something we’d recommend keeping as far away from your matt black taps as possible!

Cleaning Matt Black Taps

Onto the nitty gritty and what we’re sure you’ve all been waiting for, actually cleaning your matt black taps! It’s a very simply process, it just takes a little thought and care.

Chemical cleaning products can wear down the lovely matt black finish. As well as harsh chemicals, try to avoid extravagant polishes, waxes, anything abrasive or avid. And clean your taps with a soft sponge, not a scourer. These are delicate taps - not an old saucepan!

If it’s all sounding a little complicated, let us assure you that it’s actually the opposite. All you need is warm water, and a microfibre cloth. Clean gently and progressively, ensuring you take care not to use anything abrasive or scrub too hard.

O-Ring Staining

Over time you may see staining on the taps due to the O-ring at the bottom of the tap. This is completely natural and can usually be removed by warm soapy water. If this doesn’t work, you will be able to use a cleaner containing alcohol to remove grease.

However, contacting the manufacturer of your matt black taps is advised, as a cleaner too strong can damage the finish.

Maintaining your Taps

Cleaning your matt black taps is easy once you know what you’re doing. In some ways, cleaning your matt black taps is easier than standard surfaces, as there’s far less choice when it comes to suitable cleaners! If you’re struggling, keep in mind that simple is generally best - a soft cloth and warm water should be enough.

Don’t overcomplicate things with fancy cleaners, and you’ll find your black matt taps stay looking beautiful for years to come. If you’re uncertain about anything to do with your matt black taps or cleaning products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you’re still to find your perfect matt black taps and turn your bathroom or kitchen into the stylish and sophisticated haven you know it should be, check out our full range of black taps.

Our Best Selling Black Taps

Matt black taps are one of our most popular products, and with such an aesthetic design, there really is no question as to why, so if you've not yet got your hands on your very own black tap but are looking into it, take a peek at some of our top picks below.

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