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How to Clean a Ceramic Sink

Cleaning your ceramic sink in the correct way is important to ensure it remains in pristine condition and stands the test of time. Ceramic kitchen sinks such as Belfast and Butler sinks are popular options in traditional kitchens but are also prone to staining and scratching.

Everyday Cleaning

Clean your ceramic sink regularly with a mix of hot water and washing up liquid along with a soft cloth to keep on top of small stains. Removing small marks will ensure you won’t have to deep clean your sink as frequently. You can also remove use our Cramer ceramic polish to brighten up your sink. 

Deep Clean

If your sink requires a more intense clean, we’ve found that Method kitchen cleaner spray is the best way to give your ceramic sink a tough clean to remove those stubborn marks. For best results, use a soft cloth and spray the solution around your sink, rinsing and repeating if necessary to give a thorough clean.

Materials to Avoid

To keep your new ceramic sink looking great, there are a few things you should avoid using as they can cause more harm than good.

Abrasive Tools

Harsh brushes such as scouring pads, iron wool and even toothbrushes can cause damage to the surface of your sink. We always recommend cleaning your sink with soft sponges or microfibre cloths.

Harsh Chemicals

Stay away from bleach and harsh chemical cleaners that contain substances like hydrochloric and sulphuric acid as these can damage the finish of your brand new sink. You should also avoid using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar as these can leave marks on the ceramic surface.

Plastic Bowls & Drainers

Using plastic washing up bowls can create a build-up of grit underneath them, which may scratch the glaze of the ceramic. It’s best to avoid these completely or use a bowl with a soft base to protect the sink's surface.

Cleaning a Ceramic Sink


Placing very hot substances and cookware on your sink may cause marking or even cracking due to rapid expansion. Avoid placing hot pans on your sink and always run the cold tap before pouring boiling water down.

Remove Food Stains

Wipe off any food stains as soon as you can to keep your sink looking fresh. Be extra careful with foods such as tomato soup, coffee, tea and red wine as these can tarnish the surface of your sink due to the pigment.

Cleaning with Cramer

Respected bathroom cleaning brand Cramer are known for their delicate cleaning solutions. In the collection, you'll find a selection of bathroom cleaning products, polishes and repair kits for all manner of materials and products. This includes cleaners for shower glass, chrome taps, acrylic surfaces and more. 

For more kitchen sink cleaning advice, take a look at our guide to cleaning a granite kitchen sink as wall as stainless steel sinks

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