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Thermostatic Bath Taps

Thermostatic bath taps and thermostatic bath shower mixers are the safest way for you and your family to bathe and shower. Thermostatic technology isn’t particularly new, but in recent years the demand for thermostatic bath mixer taps has risen sharply, and this has resulted in a dramatic reduction in their price.

Having a thermostatic bath shower mixer allows you to select a pre-set water temperature, and the thermostatic control will keep the water at that constant temperature, even if someone flushes the toilet or turns on another tap. This not only gives you a safer bath or shower, it also gives you a more pleasant and relaxing one as well because you don’t have to keep fiddling around with the controls trying to keep it at the right temperature.

At Tap Warehouse, our range of thermostatic bath shower mixers come from some of the biggest names in the bathroom business, and all of them come with huge savings off the RRPs.

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