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Bath Tap Pairs

A new pair of bath taps is an affordable way to upgrade your bathroom. Separate bath pillar taps for hot and cold water is often the best way to get a higher flow rate from low pressure systems. The uncluttered look of 2 individual bath taps makes them a popular choice even today when there is such a wide range of options, and the sheer number of styles available means that there is bound to be a set of bath tap pairs that is suitable for you.

At Tap Warehouse, we have a wide range of bath pillar taps in all styles, from very traditional crosshead designs, to more modern, square designs. We have bath pillar taps in chrome, gold, and even black, in the case of Tre Mercati’s unique, striking Milan bath taps.

So whatever your desired style, whatever the décor in your bathroom and whatever your budget, you’re sure to find the bath pillar taps for you at Tap Warehouse.

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