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Drinking Water Systems

Introducing the new range of drinking water systems by Blanco. This collection of smart taps have all the functionalities of an everyday tap, but with the added bonus of great tasting filtered water and boiling water all in one place.


Everything You Need, and More

Blanco's drink systems combine quality with efficiency, and are a game changer for modern kitchens. At the touch of a button, you can generate any type of water that you need, without skimping on style. With many of the drinking water systems, you can set how much water you need out of the tap at any one time, for example 200ml of water for a hot drink of choice. This can help you to save on energy bills as it only heating as much water as you require. You therefore do not need a separate kettle taking up space on your worktops, or a filtered water jug in your fridge - everything you need is within the tap itself!

Evol-S Pro Collection

The Evol-S collection are one of Blanco's most popular ranges. The Evol-S 3-in-1 tap lets you choose between cold, warm and filtered water, whilst the Evol-S 4-in-1 has the added bonus of providing instant boiling water. Economic and efficient, this tap range makes every day kitchen life that little bit easier and has a modern design curated with high quality materials to give your kitchen a sleek, stylish finish. These taps are also fit with a pull-out spray function for that extra touch of luxury to make washing up, cleaning and food preparation effortless.

Boiling Water Taps

Hot water taps are becoming increasingly popular all across the UK and for good reason. These economic taps work just as regular taps do but also have the functionality of delivering boiling water instantly, which is ideal for busy kitchens that are always in use, and those of us who have rushed morning routines! It's never been easier to make hot drinks and fill up pots & pans in a safe and efficient way.



Evol-S Pro Hot & Filter

This professional mixer tap has 4-in-1 capabilities and can deliver standard hot and cold water, cold-filtered water that’s available to drink straight away, and true-boiling filtered water.

With instant boiling water, it couldn’t be easier to make hot drinks and fill up pots and pans ready to be boiled. You can also choose exactly how much water you need with the unique measuring dial to ensure that you get the perfect amount for the task in hand, and nothing is wasted.

The boiling filtered and cold filtered water are processed through Blanco’s five stage filter system, and the water is delivered instantly in a safely controlled stream to prevent any unwanted injuries. The water is safe to drink straight away and completely hygienic, being generated from a titanium hot water tank which is a strong, un-corrosive material, ensuring a taste-free result.

Filtered Water Taps

Perfectly filtered drinking water at the touch of a button. Blanco's range of filtered water taps deliver warm, cold and filtered water with ease. The built in filtration system leaves you with pure, clean water and the digital flowmeter tells you exactly how much life is left in the filter. Choose between an array of different sizes, shapes and finishes.



Evol-S Pro Filter

The Evol-S Pro filter brings things back to basics. It has the same capabilities as the Evol-S Pro Hot & Filter tap, but without the boiling water functionality. Generate hot and cold water from the mixing lever on the right, and choose exactly how much perfectly filtered water you require.

The water is filtered five times as it travels through the cartridge, meaning that any limescale and harmful particles are filtered out, leaving you with no bad tastes and odours. With the Evol-S Pro Filter, there’s no need to bulk up your fridge with a separate water jug - everything you need is all in one place. 

If all that wasn’t enough, the water is PH balanced to ensure it’s of a neutral PH and tasting perfect every time. It's a great essential for your kitchen, easy to operate and beautifully stylish.


These taps are an investment like no other, having the power to truly transform your kitchen into a smart, efficient space. Browse the whole range of Blanco drink systems to find the perfect product for you.

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