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Brushed Kitchen Sinks

Brushed finish stainless steel kitchen sinks and taps are becoming all the rage in kitchens up and down the country. They offer a more matte look than traditional polished finishes, but when paired with a similar brushed kitchen tap, the co-ordinated look is quite stunning. The brushed effect finish also has an additional benefit besides the glorious looks. It is more resilient to those pesky fingerprints than polished stainless steel and therefore requires less cleaning effort. Brushed stainless steel sinks still feature all the great benefits of more traditional polished stainless steel; they're still rust and corrosion resistant, and they're also very light and forever fashionable.

Our range of brushed finish kitchen sinks start from under £55, and with sinks from manufacturers like RAK, Rangemaster and Butler & Rose, you can be assured of having a high quality kitchen sink for many years to come.

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