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The Blanco Unit

Everything you need all in one place, and you can style it exactly how you want. The Blanco Unit is a revolutionary kitchen appliance which brings together a perfectly complemented tap and sink, along with a bin unit underneath.


Making Kitchen Life Easier

Sinks, taps and bins are the most used components of a kitchen. Blanco’s main focus in the introduction of the unit is to streamline kitchen design, and make the most of the space available. We spend more than half of our time in the kitchen by the sink area, which is why Blanco strive to simplify this space and incorporate intelligent solutions that have been developed over years. 

The cupboard under the sink is a wasted space in most households, usually being filled with clunky water pipes and little storage space, but with the Blanco Unit, this space is transformed into a useful area for you to choose exactly how to fill it. Appropriate space for food waste, recycling or cleaning products can be incorporated into the unit.

Make it Your Own

Each Blanco unit is beautifully unique. Customise your Blanco Unit with the choice of any kitchen tap and sink  - from boiling water taps to classic mono mixers, and choose any sink to pair it with from their broad collection. Along with these two essential items, you can choose a waste organisation system  from our range to suit the amount of space you have available. 


Step 1: Choose a Tap

A focal point of every kitchen is the tap. Therefore, the first step in making your own Blanco Unit is choosing a tap from their extensive range. There are a number of different options to choose from, for example a boiling water tap, sensor tap or even just a classic mixer tap to complement your sink and waste unit.

The Blanco Drink Systems are a great choice for modern kitchens, having the ability to bring together cold, warm, boiling and filtered water all into one tap, and fit with a pull-out spray function for that extra luxury.

Blanco use the highest quality brass and stainless steel in their taps to ensure top performance and a stunning finish.  Choose between classic chrome, matt black and brushed brass to match your other kitchen fixtures. Browse our extensive Blanco tap collection right here.

Step 2: Choose a Sink

Step two involves finding the perfect sink to pair with the tap. The sink is the first touchpoint for most tasks in the kitchen: washing hands, grabbing drinks, washing fruits & vegetables and cleaning up. Blanco have over 80 sinks available in a range of designs, materials and colours that will create a beautiful yet practical space.

Modern kitchens will benefit from the Etagon collection, which offers contemporary, deep bowl sinks that are perfect for washing pots and pans.

More traditional themed kitchens will suit the Villae range, which are country, farmhouse-style ceramic sinks, beautiful when paired with a classic chrome tap. These sinks also suit utility rooms perfectly.

Step 3: Choose a Bin

Finally, it's time to indulge in the final component of the unit: the waste management system. Blanco have strived to reinvent the ‘no-mans-land’ area underneath sinks, preventing the need to have your waste on display in your kitchen. They have reinvented waste management and storage solutions to create an organised space with a purpose.

The area can be used for separate bins, such as food waste or recyclables, or to store cleaning products or pet food - the choice is yours!

Cupboard door style can also be personalised, from traditional hinged doors to sleek sliding doors.


The Blanco Unit will revolutionise any kitchen, making your space more organised, efficient and stylish. Feel free to contact our team to discuss different options if you're looking at investing in the unit.

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