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The Multi-Level Etagon Bowl

Blanco's multi-level Etagon bowls are phenomenally functional kitchen sinks, consisting of a deep bowl that can hold a multitude of accessories such as chopping boards, drying racks and colanders to allow for efficient multitasking. There is a range of different materials and sizes in this collection to ensure your new sink will perfectly complement the rest of your kitchen design.




Everything You Need, all in One Place

The unique concept is so much more than a kitchen sink, it’s a place where you can prepare ingredients, place hot pots & pans and strain vegetables. Blanco claim that we spend 60% of our time in the kitchen at the kitchen sink; it’s the first touchpoint of most tasks. Washing hands, rinsing plates and cleaning up are all done primarily around the sink area, so the Etagon bowls combine all the functions of a standard sink with an organisational system that will make many tasks easier, saving you time and ensuring hygiene is tip top.

Available in a range of designs, materials and colours, such as stainless steel and ceramic, you can combine your sink with perfectly matched accessories to create a beautiful yet practical space.



Surprisingly Versitile

How often does the sink get taken up with stacks of dirty plates, mugs and cutlery? It's time for sink organisation to take a step up! This multi-level bowl and accessories to match make it easy to separate different parts of your sink for different tasks.

With rails to hold sponges, cloths and brushes, there’s no need for cleaning products to be laying stagnant in a separate pot. Once you’re finished with them, you can place them on the racks until they're needed again. It's never been easier to wash up as you go.

The rails are easily collapsible and can be neatly tucked away or stacked to the side of the bowl for easy organisation and a streamlined finish.

This range comes in a number of installation options, including an undermount version and an integrated tap ledge for installation from above.



One Bowl, Three Levels

Design meets functionality with this range . With enough space to wash fruit & vegetables, place a colander inside and a chopping board on top, this sink really excels in food preparation. The rails create an additional worksurface within the bowl, transforming your sink into a multifunctional all-rounder which hasn't been done before. 

The large, deep bowl design is ample space for large pots, pans and baking trays to be cleaned by hand with ease. That’s not all - once you have done your washing up, leave your utensils to dry on the collapsible racks which can double as airers on your sink. The racks are also super easy to clean and store away.

The sink range is impressive not only for its functionality, but it's manufactured with top-quality components. The drain system is elegantly integrated and easy to clean thanks to the stainless steel material.



All in One

The rails offer almost unlimited uses, they are heatproof and will withhold high temperatures, including pots and pans coming straight from the oven, without the need for a separate heat proof trivet.

Why waste valuable space for tasks in the kitchen, when you can do everything in one place, in a single bowl? There's no need to have to walk from one place to another as the Etagon can do so much. The bowl saves a multitude of worktop space and will help you rediscover the joy of cooking and cleaning.

The multi-level bowl is suitable for large and small kitchens alike, as the adaptable work station provides plenty of space to complete various kitchen tasks at once, saving worktop space.


The sinks in the Etagon collection really are an all-rounder, and a wonderful way to bring efficiency, organisation and style into your kitchen. Check out Blanco’s entire range of kitchen sinks to find the perfect style for your space.

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