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Bar Valve Sets

Our bar valve sets contain everything you need to replace your existing shower. With our complete shower sets containing a bar shower valve and a slide rail kit, with a few clicks and within a few seconds, you can have a brand new complete shower set. There’s no more hunting around for matching components and hoping upon hope that you haven’t forgotten that vital part, only to realise when the plumber’s trying to install it.

With our dual outlet bar shower valve sets, you not only get the bar valve and slide rail kit, but you also get a fixed shower head as well. These clever 2 outlet valves enable you to have both shower outlets running at the same time, giving you a super luxurious and cleansing showering experience.

We have complete bar shower valve sets for all budgets here at Tap Warehouse, but no matter what price you pay, you can rest assured that you’re getting a fantastic new shower, as all of our bar valve sets come with extensive guarantees.

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