Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass kitchen splashbacks not only serve a very useful purpose of protecting the area above and around your hob from grease and grime, they also add a bit of extra colour to your kitchen wall without the need to retile or repaint. They don't even need a specialist installer - just some silicone sealant, a tape measure, safety glasses and gloves, a steady hand, and most importantly, a forgiving wife if it all goes wrong!!

All of our coloured glass kitchen splashbacks here at Tap Warehouse are made from 6mm safety-backed glass and are completely opaque so the background is not visible. With a choice of 7 different colours available, you really are spoiled for choice, enabling you to create the perfect look in your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of retiling.

A glass kitchen splashback is not only cheaper than retiling, it’s also more hygienic too as glass is a non-porous material so it cannot harbour germs, and it is very easy to keep clean.