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When you have over 40 years of experience in the bathroom market you start to develop a more thorough understanding of what people want and how you can answer those needs. So when we did our research in sourcing the best reputable brands to have on our website, we thankfully discovered Tre Mercati. Not only have they used their 40 years of experience to create a stunning range of bathroom products, but they managed to answer the needs of those of you that want quality bathroom taps and showers without the extortionate price tag. Refining their wonderful collection has resulted in them now possessing a wide portfolio of exceptional products that we are proud to hold on our site. With a wide selection of highly praised showers, accessories and bathroom & kitchen taps, they will help you optimise every aspect of your home. Find their stunning collection below and discover a devoted range of high quality modern and traditional showers, stunning minimalistic chrome toilet roll holders and other bathroom accessories. Also, transform your kitchen and bathroom with their diverse collection of bathroom and kitchen taps. Find the widely popular French Classic range, or instead become obsessed with their Modena range for a more contemporary look.

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