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Uniblade have been designing and producing shower and wet room seals since 2007, and are now the largest supplier of such in the UK and Europe. Their signature products, which include the Chameleon Wet Room Seal and Uniblade Shower Screen Seal, are used in bathrooms and homes across the country - in fact, you might already have one in your own bathroom. Uniblade’s shower seals are essentially universal, fitting most glass screens whether they be straight or curved, and use a fully adjustable clip on system for complete ease for use and installation. Made in Britain, these shower glass seals adapt to almost any glass thickness using an innovative 2 part design that simply clicks together. Once fitted, the design allows for easy cleaning of any dirt or limescale build-ups with a simple wipe with a cloth and non-abrasive cleaning solution. If finishing your brand spanking new shower enclosure or rejuvenating an old one is at the top of your agenda, Uniblade shower and wet room seals are just the ticket for you.

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