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Reginox Kitchen Sinks

Reginox sinks are high-quality sinks made by the distinguished and trusted brand Reginox, who has been developing and manufacturing a range of quality sinks in the Netherlands for over 40 years. So esteemed is their range of products that they proudly have a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee on a widely popular range of Stainless Steel sinks. You’ll also find an excellent range of granite composite kitchen sinks and a huge selection of stunning finishes.

Reginox kitchen sinks are not only well-made and durable, but they also come in a range of colours and designs to complement your home decor style seamlessly. Reginox sinks are also designed with a range of sleek features, including reversible drainer and integrated waste, as well as various bowl shapes to choose from.

Reginox also prides themselves on doing their bit for the environment with 70% of their sinks being made from recycled Steel. Discover our range of Reginox sinks and choose your new kitchen sink today!

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