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Shop by Finish

If there’s one thing we know about at Tap Warehouse, it’s taps. From chrome to gold, nickel to stainless steel, we’ve got bathroom taps coming out of our ears in all the colours and finishes that you could want in your bathroom. We understand that everyone has differing opinions on what colours look good where. Just because a gold tap might look stunning in your period bathroom, it doesn’t mean it will look good in a contemporary one.

Fortunately, with our range of almost 2000 taps, there is guaranteed to be something that will match the décor in your bathroom. Not only are there taps to suit everyone’s tastes, there are taps to suit everyone’s budget too.

We also know that sometimes the decision to replace a bathroom tap is one that is rather forced upon you at the last minute, so for those occasions when time is of the essence, we have hundreds of taps that are available for next day delivery direct to your door.

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