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About Blanco


Blanco are an award-winning supplier of kitchen sinks, taps and accessories and are a leading manufacturer in the industry. Combining high quality materials with efficient design and modern finishes, Blanco have carefully created the perfect products to bring any kitchen to life. From minimalist kitchen taps that bring things back to basics, to high quality granite sinks that stand the test of time, there are plenty of options to suit modern and traditional kitchens alike. 


Who are Blanco?

Blanco History


Founded over 95 years ago in Germany, Blanco are one of the leading manufacturers of kitchenware and currently sell their products in Europe, North America and Asia. Their luxury kitchen products are the epitome of modern design and reliable product quality and their kitchen taps and sinks have the ability to turn any kitchen into a smart and stylish space.

Blanco Awards


Blanco received industry recognition when they won the Red Dot and If Design awards in 2021 for their product design. These awards illustrated Blanco’s continued commitment to attention to detail, with the award panels specifically loving how Blanco modernised the traditional country sink in the Blanco Vintera collection.

Blanco Products


Blanco specialise in sleek kitchen taps and efficient kitchen sinks. Whether you're looking for a classic stainless steel sink, or a modern pull out spray tap, there are bountiful options in their product range to suit every style of kitchen. Each one of Blanco’s products are meticulously designed to ensure efficiency and quality are at the forefront.




Because Kitchens Should be Convenient

Blanco truly deliver when it comes to saving countertop space, preparing food, and cleaning. Many of their products are suited to make kitchen tasks easier and to bring the joy back to cooking and cleaning. 

Small, galley and closed-plan kitchens will greatly benefit from products such as the Blanco Unit, which is designed to simplify kitchen design down to a tee by incorporating the kitchen tap, sink and bin together all in one place. Why not upgrade your tap into a boiling water tap to save space where a kettle could be? Or opt for a filtered tap to create drinkable water in an instant, diminishing the need for a separate water jug?

The little details are where Blanco really excels. When it comes to preparing food, the Etagon kitchen sinks are made to suit chopping boards, draining boards and caddies, bringing the term ‘2 in 1’ to life. Who says you can't have efficiency and style at the same time?

Kitchen Sinks

Sinks are one of the most important components of kitchens. Blanco claim that we spend around 60% of our time in the kitchen at or near the sink, making it the ‘hub’ of the room. Blanco have over 80 different sinks in their range which are suitable for all kitchen shapes and sizes and pleasing to all budgets. 

There's something for everyone - the Subline undermount sinks are a great fit for compact, minimalist kitchens that have an understated style. The Elon range is suited to kitchens that are always on the go, as they have a large capacity and a stylish wave-shaped design. Or if you're after a more traditional look, the farmhouse-style Villae sinks are the perfect option. The extensive range even includes sinks made for corners, which can greatly benefit small and awkwardly-shaped spaces. 

Kitchen Taps

Taps are a focal point of any kitchen and Blanco provides a range of options , from pull out taps, boiling water taps and taps suited for low pressure. There’s nothing they don’t consider - they even have taps with levers on the left to suit those of us who are left handed!

The chef-inspired Culina range is a great option for professional kitchens, offering a quality performance that makes everything easier. These taps have a powerful dual spray, a coil hose that reaches every corner of the sink and a magnetic docking arm. If you're after a simple style, the Candor range is a modern tap with a gorgeous stainless steel finish that'll add some modern glam to your kitchen without blowing the budget. You'll be sure to find the ideal tap for your kitchen with the Blanco range. 

Kitchen Accessories

One of Blanco’s focuses is to make kitchen tasks quicker and easier. Their range of accessories include cutting boards, sink colanders and caddies that fit comfortably and safely in many of their sinks. Meal prep, chopping and peeling couldn't be simpler! These accessories will allow you to save worktop space by creating an adaptable work station and also help to avoid messy kitchens by making it simple to tidy up as you go along. Browse our vast selection of Blanco accessories here.

Without a doubt, Blanco's duty is to modernise kitchens with their huge range of taps, sinks and accessories. Take a look at their extensive product selection to spread some joy into your kitchen. 

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