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Tre Mercati Imperial

Let me take you back to a time when British royalty ruled the country. It was a time of grandeur and opulence. You count yourself as being in the upper echelons of society and are therefore privy to all the best money can afford. You’ll be surrounded by blood red velvet throws, steeped in gold painted tassels and feast on the most succulent of foods. Exploring the rest of your home you walk over to a thick mahogany door. What wonders hide behind it you wonder. Edging closer you gently twist the golden doorknob and push the door open. A tear falls from your eye and you fall to the floor looking at such beauty. Sparkling inside this room is the best of treasures. A pair of stunning Antique Gold basin mixers majestically sits and awaits your control. The ravishing gold finishes sparkle in the raw light of day, urging you to come closer and use the stunning controls. You walk over and turn the tap on. You step back bewildered by the power and force that erupts from such graceful taps. Crystal clear water trickles out of the slender, elongated curved spout. With complete ease, you are able to control the water flow and temperature. Turning around you joyously find that your bathroom also beholds an enchanting deck mounted bath shower mixer too. With the stunning traditional telephone handset that perfectly replicates Victorian beauty. You can’t help but feel your fingers tremble towards the authentic crosshead dials to turn them on. But suddenly the illusion dissipates. Security from the museum has finally realised you aren’t one of the actors depicting Victorian life. You just wanted the opportunity to marvel at such beauty and didn’t realise that instead of going through all that hassle you should have just come online and looked at the stunning Tre Mercati Imperial range. Oh well...

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