Tre Mercati Modena

If aliens ever designed a range of showers and bathroom taps, we would imagine they would look a little bit like this. With smooth lever controls and an elevated spout design that will artfully project over your basin, helping to make you truly believe that you have been transported to another world. The juxtaposition between the Antique Gold and futuristic Chrome finishes makes this collection a marvel to look at. But if you want a more visual representation as to why this range has such a space-age feel simply look at the Modena mono basin mixer with an extended lever. Its bold and supple extended lever looks like a signalling transmitter extended into the air to help make it easier to communicate with the mothership, and even their deck mounted side valves look like the controls to a spacecraft, perfectly engineered to perform interstellar jumps. However, it isn’t just their unique designs that evokes this out-of-this-world feel, the technology and efficiency of these taps also make them feel like they space-aged. With Ceramic disc technology being embedded into most of this range, including their basin taps, bath taps and kitchen taps, it helps to ensure that these high-quality taps won’t leak or drip and allows for a more fluid and enriching experience. So are you brave enough to enter a new world with the stunning Tre Mercati Modena range and embark on your own journey?