Phoenix Luxury

Here at Tap Warehouse we understandably have a passion for taps. Nothing excites us more than viewing a stunning selection of jaw-dropping taps just waiting to be released upon the world. However, we do realise that there are other parts of the bathroom that require just as much love from us and this includes shower heads. Now we realise that they are basically just a larger extension of taps, but, they come in such a riveting and enthralling range of styles that we can’t help but feel fascinated by them. But this is what makes our jobs so difficult, as when a brand like Phoenix go ahead and create the Phoenix Luxury range of products, we just sit about for a bit staring at them, as they are just too darn beautiful! Hence why we are now in discussion of creating a warning sign to tell people to be careful before gazing at their stunning Luxury range of shower heads. Marvel at the entwining beauty of Chrome finishes forged onto premium-grade polished stainless steel, and stutter in disbelief as you witness how slimline and practical their shower heads are. With features like rust resistance, they make cleaning and maintenance a dream. But now please scroll below and witness their stunning range, but just remember we did try and warn you about how bewitching their beauty is.